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Norberg Hip Measurement
Norberg Hip Measurement
We have released Metron version 5.41.  In this release, we are working on a number of items that have been requested by you, our clients. 
This version includes:
* Canine Norberg Hip Measurements - we have created an online training session - "Guided Mark-Up: Norberg Hip Analysis for Canine."
Convert Files to Metron
DICOM Route Rules
Metron can auto-import foreign DICOMs into Metron if the source is recognized.  It can also convert them to native Metron format and apply a certain Detail filter if needed.  
* Mark-Up on images are easily handled when cropping, un-cropping, and rotating.
* New right mouse-button dynamics for controlling the window-level and middle-mouse panning.
You can see all the new features for Metron version 5.41 on your Metron Support site within the Docs/Articles webpage.
Also, a reminder about the auto update program.  This will automatically install new Metron software versions with just a few clicks.  To start this automatic program, you will need to be on version 5.26 or higher.  Please contact Support Services to be able to take advantage of this new feature.  

Kevin Scholz
CEO, DVMConnexx
Metron Support Services
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Fox Valley Equine Practice 
Practice Spotlight

Left to right: Dr. Megan Coveyou, Dr. David Heinze & Dr. Trisha Lewis
Fox Valley Equine photo
Dr. David Heinze and Fox Valley Equine Practice have been using Metron Imaging Software since May 2009 with the AllPro ScanX CR Scanner.  They purchased the AllPro Scanner with VetRay imaging software a couple of years earlier.  Dr. Heinze and his team thought they would need to move to a new DR digital system to produce better image quality.  Instead, they upgraded from VetRay to Metron.  Not having to change out the full system to get the improved diagnostic details in their x-rays was a huge benefit, and has proven to be especially valuable with the Sport Horse sector of the practice.
"We have not used all aspects of the Metron Support Services to the full extent but recently renewed the support services with a focus on having our new associate able to come up to speed rapidly.  The service provides us with best practices and knowledge that we will find useful." says Dr Heinze.  They plan to use all the educational resources available on the Metron Support Services website including the online training sessions, image sampling and  the past METRONews newsletters. 
Fox Valley EquineFox Valley Equine Practice is dedicated to the spirit of horses and their companions. They are committed to maintaining the health and welfare of the horse, to compassionate communication with their companions enhancing the human-horse bond. 


Dr Heinze has been practicing since 1976 and founded the Fox Valley Equine Practice in 1987.  He enjoys all aspects of equine medicine, with an emphasis on lameness, chiropractic, and dental issues. 

Support Services Highlight
Mapped Drive Disconnection  
There are times that Windows will disconnect from the mapped drive that was setup for the Viewstations to see the Metron Database on the main computer. 
Please take the following steps if this happens:
Check to see which database is active.  It should say the name of the database you want to see on the main computer (in this example we used "NHAH Database") but may say "Default" (see image above) if the Windows mapped drive lost connection and Metron was open at that time.
If you see "Default" listed, click the drop down arrow and choose "NHAH Database".  You will either get connected to the database or receive an error that it could not connect.
If you could not connect, right click on the Start button (or Windows symbol) in bottom left corner of Windows Desktop and choose "Explore" (or "Open Windows Explorer")  
Mapped Drives
Mapped Drives
Look for the mapped drive labeled (M:) and click on it to reestablish the network connection (See image for a sample of mapped drives.)
Again, click the drop down arrow and choose "NHAH Database".
If you are still unable to connect, make sure that the main computer is on a repeat process.
If a connection is unsuccessful, please call Metron Support at 877-638-3868 ext. 8 for support.
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Fox Valley Equine Practice
Support Services Highlight
Metron 5.41 Release Information
Your Support Website!
Support Services Tips
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Metron Release Info!

Metron New Release
Release 5.41 is out!  Click here for a listing of the new features now available to you.



Support Services Site

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Be sure you and your staff visit the support site for
past newsletters and
online training sessions. 


Support Services 
Support Services Tips
After acquiring a hoof image, be sure that the hoof is pointed in the correct direction. The toe of the right hoof should be pointing towards the right and the toe of the left hoof should be pointing towards the left. This will ensure the Guided Mark-Up will apply the correct measurements. 
This will also help the additional features of Metron to work correctly (3D Bones, P3 Analysis, Morph, Lateral Combo).



Did you know? 

Zoom Mode
Zoom Mode has been added. You are now able to use Zoom as well as Magnifier Mode. 


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