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Hope you are having a great summer!  This month I wanted to point out a few features of Metron.
If you use your Metron-based radiograph system for equine patients, I would encourage you to use the guided mark-up features for hoof analysis. These tools provide a way to quantify things about the horse's hoof that you may be trying to communicate to the farrier or to the owner.  A printed "Metron Report" showing the state of your client's horse's hooves is a great way to communicate.

Guided Mark-Up

If you have been using Metron solely for radiographs, you should be aware that digital photographs of the hoof can and should be incorporated into the horse's records.  From hoof photos, we have guided mark-up routines to look for things such as contracted heels, under-run heels, or too high (or low) on the heel, and other things. 

Thank you.

John Craig
EponaTech, LLC
Emailing with Metron  
Best Practices 
Sening by emailEmailing single or multiple images from within Metron is often desired and we are asked about it frequently. So this month we decided to share some beneficial details on this topic.
Beginning from the Metron database browser, select multiple images in your study (highlight with red border) and click "Send by E-Mail." 
Send Images TopOnce you have selected the images and clicked the send button, you are presented with a screen that allows you to put in the recipients of the images.

You are also able to determine if you want to send with annotation and mark-up as well as the image format.
If you would like to have defaulted or favorite emails addresses that are remembered, you can set this up in Preferences located in the top bar of the Metron application.
Favorite Email RecipientsCurrently this email function works with Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook and Microsoft Live. 
If you need assistance with setting this up, please contact us at Metron Support Services.
For more information on email within Metron as well as other Metron operations, please review the "Multi-Image Operations in the Metron Database Browser."  
Stay tuned for other emailing options coming soon!
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Emailing with Metron
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AAEP360 Wet Lab

Last week Tammy from Metron Support Services attended the AAEP 360 Equine Dental Wetlab  to assist with the radiograph portion of the labs.  We continue to participate in these events to further our knowledge as well as to share best practices of Metron in the field.



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Support Services Tips
An easy way to view two or more images is by selecting the images (highlight with red border) when viewing them in the Metron database browser Multi-Viewand then click the "Multi View" button.
The images will then be displayed next to each other.

Multi-View Images



Did you know?

Did You Know
Metron will soon be in fully translated into other languages.  Spanish is the first.  German and French are coming next.


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