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P3 Analysis
P3 Analysis
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Metron Support Services 

We have recently released Metron version 5.36 and version 5.37.  In these releases and future releases, we are working on a number of items that have been requested by you, our clients.  These versions include:
DICOM updates:  There are a number of changes to this feature to assist you with using DICOM with your Metron Images.   We have created two online training sessions:
     o    Setting DICOM Preferences in Metron    
Images from "P3 Analysis" can now be added to the study, so they can be included in reports or for other uses.
Window-Level with your mouse now available in full screen mode. 
In Multi-View, there is a new selection (under upper-left image) which allows you to "Apply Actions to All Images." With this set, if you zoom upper-left image, all images zoom equally; same for other actions (auto-scale, show mark-up).
Multi-View Bar

Don't forget about the Auto Upgrade Program, this will automatically install new versions with one click.  To start this automatic program, you will need to be on version 5.26 or higher.  If you are on an older version, please contact Support Services to get upgraded, so you are able to take advantage of this new feature.  

Please let us know if there are any enhancements you would like to see in the product. We will review your suggestions and add them to the development list.
John Craig
EponaTech, LLC
Perimeter Veterinary Hospital 
Practice Spotlight

Perimeter_VeterinaryDr. Sherrie Ridenour and Perimeter Veterinary Hospital has been using Metron Imaging Software since April of this year.  

Perimeter Vet upgraded from the Scan X Duo Dental and Scan X 14 skeletal to Metron and the new AllPro Quantum CR scanner.  The new setup gives them the ability to provide both dental and skeletal X-ray services in their small animal practice with one CR X-ray system led by the advanced imaging features in Metron.  In addition, the Metron support team converted the old Visix database of images.  The conversion helped the staff at Perimeter in the transition by removing the need to view older images in Visix.   Dr. Ridenour and her staff are "extremely happy with the Quantum and Metron software. Our dealer kept working with us to seek out a solution that provides excellent quality films, easy to use software and the transition was so smooth with access to the always helpful software support team at Metron. "
Perimeter_VetIn 1989, Dr Ridenour built Perimeter Veterinary Hospital in Dublin, Ohio.    It was her dream to own a hospital and develop long term relationships with families and their pets in the Dublin area.  
With over 20 years of providing full-service, small animal veterinary care including comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care, their mission is to combine medical expertise with comfort, concern and caring for the client's pets.  
Dr Ridenour is happy to discuss their experience and would highly recommend their dealer, the Quantum and Metron!  Feel free to contact them at or through their website
Best Practices 
By Tammy Radtke, Technical Services Administrator

CollectionsA collection within Metron is a way to quickly view multiple images from more than one study. For a review and definitions of collections, view the online training session "Navigating Metron."


The best way to utilize the collection tab is when you need to compare x-rays from different dates. For instance, if a small animal breaks its leg, you could use collections as a way to compare the animal's injury from onset through the recovery process. You can add the first x-ray when the leg was initially broken, a post-operation view, then another x-ray taken a month or so later once the wound begins to heal.


A collection allows you to compare all three x-rays side by side.


You are able to send all three images either by DICOM, by e-mail, or you can export them to a different location. You can also stitch the images together and the stitched image will be added to the animal's current study.


For equine, if you would like to compare two lateral x-rays from different dates to see improvements on the horse's conformation, you can morph the two images together from inside of the collection. View "Creating Morphs in Metron" for information and technique.


You can also search your Metron database by Date Range, Species, Modality, and Region. You then have the ability to save the collection and recall it at any time for review.


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Perimeter Veterinary Hospital
Best Practices - Collections
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Equine Dental Wet Lab
 Dallas, TX
Equine Wet Lab
Just like you, we are continuing to educate ourselves to keep up to date with the latest processes.  We want to make sure Metron Imaging Software always has the latest to assist with all your procedures.
NAVC InstituteIn May, Metron attended Dr. Travis Henry's Equine Dental Wet Lab in Dallas and the NAVC Institute Small Animal Dental Wet Lab


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