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We have recently released Metron version 5.33. In this release and future releases, we are working on a number of items that have been requested by you, our clients. 
These include:
  • "Handles" in Free Mark-Up: Handles let you drag the entire free-mark (all of its points) at one time, and there is also the ability to rotate them all at once.
  • USB Camera input: You can now capture a video clip and save it to the current Metron study
  • Image Stitching: Let's you combine two or more images into one image.
  • Magnifier Mode for Mark-Up:  You may enter Free Mark-Up or Guided Mark-Up while in magnifier mode.  Allows for very precise picking of image points.
  • Dynamic Window Level:  This has been sped up and is now a very nice dynamic tool for adjusting images by dragging the mouse over the image.
  • UpdateWe are also implementing a new auto upgrade program. This will automatically install new versions with a few clicks. If needed, check your support site for the instructional document. To start this automatic program, you will need to be on version 5.26 or higher. If you are on an older version, please contact Support Services  to get upgraded in order to take advantage of this new feature.  Note: to find out your current Metron version, click "help" and "about Metron" from within the Metron application.  
Please let us know if there are any enhancements you would like to see in the product and we will review and add it to the development list.
John Craig
EponaTech LLC  
Candlewood Equine, LLC 
Practice Spotlight
Candlewood EquineCandlewood Equine started using Metron and Support Services in November 2009. We had the opportunity to work with Dr. Emond over the winter. Like most veterinarians,  he has come to depend on x-ray capabilities as a critical contribution to diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Emond chose to purchase Metron with the new AllPro Trek. After a  slow start, he did not get the images he expected. He faced a couple of challenges that included some issues with the scanner and the transition from high speed film to digital x-ray.  
After working with Metron Support Services and AllPro, a unique issue with the scanner was diagnosed and the doctor received a new replacement - so far so good!  Read more about a case study using Metron software on a young horse with a potential club foot disorder. (Article on page three of the newsletter.) In addition, Metron support worked with Dr. Emond to consistently produce x-ray images that meet and exceed his expectations.  The doctor is now using the new Metron equine technique chart and Metron custom scanner setup. The combination of changes is producing images with higher resolution and greater contrast.
Thank you Dr. Emond for having the confidence in us to work through the problems and produce solutions. In addition, you helped us to further validate the reliability of our new Metron equine image quality process. The early work that you and other veterinarians have shared now makes ready an easy transition from old to new for all equine veterinarians using Metron.

Candlewood Equine LogoDr. Ronald Emond founded Candlewood Equine in 1985 as a solo equine practitioner providing ambulatory veterinary services in Connecticut and New York. The ambulatory part of the practice services approximately 1800 horses. His growing expertise in theriogenology led to the expansion of a reproduction clinic at the present location in Bridgewater, Connecticut. This facility provides veterinary services for the breeding of mares and stallions, and also offers advanced fertility techniques such as embryo recovery and transfer, and a complete frozen semen program from collection to storage and world-wide distribution. 

The mission of Candlewood Equine is to provide our patients with superior medical and surgical treatment supported by comprehensive preventative healthcare planning. These services are offered by a compassionate, professional staff with an emphasis on ethical conduct and a commitment to preserving the human/animal bond.
Original Image Support
Best Practices 
Invert ImageMetron produces 3 files for every image: the image produced at the time of x-ray, the image affected by unique filtering and markup, and the thumbnail image. This is an important capability as you may want to revert back to the original image both for diagnostic reasons and because legal authorities may require it. Many digital x-ray systems do not retain the original image - once the image has been touched up there's no going back.
Image copy
Image copy - the quick process of creating a visual duplicate of the original image. This gives you the ability to drastically change the image and then put the two side by side in the multi-view mode. You can then easily compare two very different interpretations of the same image.

Copy-PasteClick to highlight the thumbnail of the image you want to duplicate, then click on the "Copy" button on the Database Browser Multi-Viewpanel. Immediately click on the "Paste" button to produce a duplicate image. Open the duplicate image to manipulate the appearance. Once you have both images filtered/configured visually, click to highlight both image thumbnails. Then click on the Multi View button on the Database Browser panel. You can display up to 6 images at a time in Multi View mode.
Copy Image iconSelect Invert Image A good "image copy/multi view" exercise - change the second image to "Invert Image" view. This will reverse the image of white on black to black on white. This will give you a completely different look at the same anatomy.
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Candlewood Equine, LLC
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Support Services Tips
When accidentally scanning an image under the wrong owner, you can highlight the image(s) and click the "Cut" button, find the correct Owner, Animal, Date and then click on the "Paste" button.

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Metron Grid Overlay
In Version 5.33, you now have the ability to overlay a "Grid" (dashed or solid lines) on an image while in single-image viewer.  Within "Save As" you can save the image with the grid and the "FS" button will allow you to see it in full screen mode. You are also able to view with grid lines within "Mag view." 



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