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Over the past three years, Enough Is Enough has been developing, producing and piloting the Internet Safety 101SM program, a multi-media teaching series that educates, equips and empowers parents, educators and other caring adults to protect children from online dangers.  The Virginia pilot reached over 5,000 adults with critical Internet safety resources, and 95 percent of participants surveyed felt motivated to implement measures to protect children from online dangers. 


As parents are involved, children are protected from real threats like pornography, sexual predators and cyberbullies.  Over 93 percent of kids are online, and children are spending more time using technology than ever before.  Parents and other adults must be the first line of defense to protect tech-savvy children from harm online, which is why we are pleased to announce the national launch of the Internet Safety 101SM Program.   


Enough Is Enough will be hosting a press conference on February 17, 2010 in Washington D.C. and live on the Internet via Ustream.  The event will feature Internet Safety 101SM experts, exclusive 101SM video excerpts, testimonials and our corporate sponsors. 


We are grateful for the support of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), U.S. Department of Justice, our corporate sponsors and you which enables us to bring this critical program to the public.  Thank you for standing with Enough Is Enough in our important mission to protect children from online dangers and to ensure children have a safe and rewarding experience online.


For the Sake of the Children,


Donna Rice Hughes

President & Chairman

Enough Is Enough

Internet Safety 101SM Program Elements

Internet Safety 101SM DVD Teaching Series:


(2 discs: 2 hours and 17 minutes of compelling content shot in high-definition film)

  • Three segments of a filmed live teaching presentation by EIE President and Internet safety expert Donna Rice Hughes with audience participation that cover the core dangers of pornography, predators and threats related to the Web 2.0.
  • Safety 101: EIE President Donna Rice Hughes leads you through the technical and non-technical basics (Rules 'N Tools®) needed to protect children online. 
  • Poignant true stories, savvy dialogues and exclusive footage from law enforcement officers, victims, clinicians, a sexual predator, parents, kids and respected industry leaders are woven into this four-part filmed presentation.
  • Special Features, industry and partner tutorials, PSAs, video vignettes and more.
Internet Safety 101SM Workbook & Resource Guide:

The workbook complements and expands upon the Internet Safety 101SM DVD and serves as a reference tool for all of the information covered in the DVD teaching series.
  • The first half of the 245 page Guide follows the layout of the DVD and includes segment goals, a follow-along/quick-read section, discussion questions, segment quizzes, and key information related to identifying warning signs related to online dangers.
  • The Appendix and Resource Guide include information about the 101SM Program, the Rules 'N Tools® Safety Guidelines and other Enough Is Enough safety resources.

Internet Safety 101SM Rules 'N Tools® Booklet:

The 30-page Booklet covers the essential technical and non-technical safety basics you need to know to protect children from online dangers including Rules 'N Tools® Safety Guidelines, Checklist, Parent's Pledge, Age-Based Guidelines, and more resources from the Workbook and Resource Guide.


Internet Safety 101SM Facilitators Guide:

The Facilitator's Guide includes the 2-disc DVD teaching series, the Workbook & Resource Guide, ten copies of the Booklet for distribution and use during presentations, exclusive access to Internet Safety 101SM event information, marketing and printed material to facilitate an Internet safety town hall event and more.


Internet Safety 101SM Website

The education-focused website complements the use of the Internet Safety 101SM curriculum and includes information on pornography, sexual predators, online gaming, cyberbullying, social networking, sexting and other online threats.  The site also highlights safety resources and EIE's recommended technical and non-technical measures, Rules 'N Tools®, parents should implement to protect children from online harm.

Orders can be made from Enough Is Enough online or by dialing toll-free 1-87-SAFE-TIP8.



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Internet Safety 101 National Launch Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Donna Rice Hughes

WHERE: Live in person at the Heritage Foundation, Allison Auditorium, 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington, DC, 202.546.4400

Live over the Internet via Ustream.
About Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough (EIE) a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, emerged in 1994 as the national leader on the front line of efforts to make the Internet safer for children and families.  Since then, EIE has pioneered and led the effort to confront online pornography, sexual predation and other dangers associated with the evolving web with innovative initiatives and effective communications.  EIE's Internet safety 101 Program is a comprehensive, multi-media program that addresses the critical need for parental education and empowerment to protect kids.
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