December 2011  
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Ball Bank Indicators In-stock!


As we near the end of the fiscal calender year we've been making more RDS7-BB-09 digital ball bank indicators for your end of year budget purchases. Now is the time to buy!

With Federal and State MUTCD recommending a variety of angles for setting safe curve speed, we've combined several options, and more into the industry leading RDS7-BB  - making it easy to adjust for your specific safe curve speed regulations.

Customer Service RepCall 800-497-4523 today to get your RDS7-BB-09 on order before your budget expires.

Now in Stock!

Rieker's RDS7-BB-09 Digital Ball Bank Indicator.
Features and Benefits Quick List:
  • Adjustable Trip Angle > comply with your State's MUTCD code for safe curve speed studies.
  • Buzzer On or Off > allows for silent running mode.
  • 2 Power Options > cigarette lighter adapter or hard wire.
  • Switch between Degrees and Percent Grade > viewing the cross slope in your familiar representation of angle.
  • Measuring range ±30º > extended angle reach.
  • LCD Display Resolution  0.01º > precision measurements.
  • RS232 output > record curve data directly to PC laptop
  • Easy installation > move from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Single user operation > keep your eyes on the road.
The RDS7-BB-09 is just another example of Rieker's commitment to improving our industry leading products to meet your needs. Call today for more information, one of our engineers will be happy to speak with you.
Skip Gosnell
Marketing Director, Rieker Inc

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