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For Marine, Offshore, and Sub Sea tilt monitoring, platform leveling, boom angle, out of level condition indication, inspection, testing, and installation of equipment, Rieker offers rugged underwater inclinometer packages. Whether as a stand alone tilt monitoring sensor or in combination with our RAD Remote Angle Display portable LCD, these units provide real time output of angle relative to gravity in a rugged stainless steel housing.

For sub sea or harsh environment inclination measuring we have a solution for you.

XB Extreme Environment Inclinometers
Single or Dual Axis for Most Sub Sea Tilt Applications
  • Stainless Steel Housing: Seawater Resistant (V4A)XB Subconn
  • Sub Sea Depth: 100 meters, 10 bar (1Mpa)
  • Cable Connections: PG9 Liquid Tight Cable Gland or SubConn Underwater Quick-disconnect (shown).
  • Output: 0-5V or 4-20mA
  • Inclination: up to ±80°
  • Acceleration: ±1g to ±10g
  • Supply Voltage: 8-30VDC
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
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Now Available with LCD DisplayRAD Display for XB Packages!
Provides Instant Feedback of Remote Angle at Your Surface Location.

RAD Remote Angle Display is a complete remote angle monitoring system capable of coordinating multiple sensors from one display box.
  • Hand Held Display Box
  • Reads Multiple Sensors - 2 simultaneously!
  • Up to ±70° Angle Measuring Ranges
  • Angle Displayed in Degrees or Percent Grade
  • Up to 0.01° LCD Display Resolution
  • Power Options: 9V Battery or 8-30VDC input
  • Optional Outputs: Analog 0-5V or Digital Serial RS232
  • Open-Collector Switch 0utputs
  • Field Adjustable Trip Angle Settings for LED and Switches
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The XB packages are just another example of how we continue to improve our industry leading products to meet your needs. Call today for more information, one of our engineers will be happy to speak with you.


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