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Volume 1, Issue 3  |  July 15, 2009
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Backlit 4120 Boom Angle Indicator
RDI Digital Boom Angle Indicator - Backlit LCD


All cranes, derricks and certain lift equipment require some form of boom angle indication. Boom angle indicators are normally mounted on the boom, visually readable by the operator.
Being in the lift equipment industry (cranes, material handlers, off-road forklifts, and aerial ladders to name a few) you're already familiar with our 4120 Boom Angle Indicator - best known for it's unique multi-view design and rugged all-weather construction.

However Rieker also makes a back lit version of the 4120 (first introduced in the early '90's) and the RDI Digital backlit LCD Display Boom Angle Indicator!  Each provide boom angle indication in a highly visible way, with the RDI also providing adjustable LED trip angle settings for an advanced visual warning to the operator. Also available is a version of the digital RDI with an audible alarm

Rieker Boom Angle Indicators comply with OSHA regulations for Construction Equipment - relating to Cranes and Derricks (lift equipment with a boom).
Highly visible backlit mechanical boom angle indicator for increased safety - complies with National Fire Protection Association 1901 Standards for Automotive Fire Apparatus

1023W1SPL3-10-15-20A mechanical type inclinometer usually has degree numbers from -20 to +85 degrees. The numbers should remain clean and visually readable at all time. The capacities that are listed on the crane load charts are also based on and vary with the boom angle of the crane.

Available in a highly visible backlit model for increased safety, Rieker's 4120 boom angle indicator is not affected by outdoor elements. These instruments are made tough and will not rust, freeze, or otherwise "hang up" like old fashioned pendulum style boom angle indicators. Like all of our instruments, each boom angle indicator is properly dampened for smooth reliable readings. Designed for easy mounting - only two screws - allows for quick and efficient OEM installation, and well suited for retro-fitting in the field. 


Features Quick List:
  • Oversized inclinometer with High Visibility Markings - large numbers for easy read 
  • Hermetically sealed - assures dust free smooth and accurate reading 
  • Weatherproof - will not rust or hang up 
  • 100% Polycarbonate Construction - direct impact, shock, and vibration resistant 
  • Easily installed - retrofit in the field, only 2 screws needed 
  • UV Resistant - fade resistant 
  • Operational from -50° F to +180° F - will not freeze or hang up 
  • Right hand or left hand models available - read from either side of boom
  • Powered by 12VDC Supply
OEM Ready - OEM Pricing - volume quantities in stock!
Backlit LCD Electronic Digital Display Boom Angle Indicators
Rieker's Digital Boom Angle Indicator Remote Inclinometer Package (model RDSR3-BA-09) is an extension of the RDI series of digital inclinometers.

Like the 4120, our electronic boom angle indicator is sealed in a rugged case that protects the sensor components from harsh environments. The RDSR3 is supplied as a calibrated set featuring an environmentally sealed measurement sensor package and a separate LCD display box (connected by an interface available in various lengths). All of the standard RDI features have been incorporated into this remote sensing package, modified specifically to comply with OSHA and other safety regulatory agencies specifications for Boom Angle Indicators.
  • Nema 4 rugged Aluminum housing
  • Industrial Temperature Compensation over -40/+85ºC
  • Angle range -10 to +90º
  • Backlit LCD Display Resolution of 0.1º
  • Adjustable LED trip settings
  • Accommodating 8-30VDC non-regulated power supply
  • Military Style Amphenol Circular Connectors for interface cable
  • Remote box has mounting feet for easy field installation and zero calibration.
  • Comply with Current OSHA Standard 1926.550
The display model comes standard with green, yellow, and red LED lights (with adjustable trip setting) provide the operator a bright fast visual warning of safe and unsafe operating conditions. The green light indicates safe operating zone, yellow as the early warning, and red as the danger zone. An optional audible alarm model is also available - the red LED on the front panel display is tied directly to the buzzer.

The RDSR3-BA-09 comes standard with Relative Zero and Min/Max Angle functions. The Relative Zero allows the operator to temporarily zero the digital readout to obtain relative slope changes. The Min/Max function provides the smallest and largest angle the device has sensed since the last reset.
Summer Offer!
For a limited time Rieker is offering model RDSR3-BA-09 to our best and industry leading customers. Please mention Reserve Code:  CC-RDSR3-BA-09. Call 610-500-2000 or email today!
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  July 15, 2009
The RDSR3-BA-09 is just another example of Rieker's commitment to improving our industry leading products to meet your needs. For use on Aerial Lifts, Boom Lifts, Cranes and Derricks, Lift Equipment/Vehicles, Aerial Ladder Rigs.

Call today for more information, one of our engineers will be happy to speak with you.
Skip Gosnell
Marketing Director, Rieker Inc

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