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May, 2009

Hello to All Customers & Friends of Forest Park Aviaries

      We hope & trust all is well with you & yours.

     This e-mailed Newsletter is another step we have introduced to promote our exotic bird sales;  birds bred & hand-reared lovingly here in our Columbia Station, Ohio, state-of-the-art Aviaries & Nursery.
     Virtually all the recipients of this first of our Newsletters are already our previous & present exotic bird customers, whilst some other folks may not yet have enjoyed the very satisfying home company & friendship of one or more of our youngsters ...  but hopefully they may do so in the not too distant future!      
     Your feedback on this first Newsletter effort would be much appreciated, of course, and you are invited to click the link provided to confirm your interest in receiving e-mail updates from us, or to unsubscribe as you may so decide.   Also, to mention that we would welcome your participation in contributing to "Dr.Geoff's Blog Page", viewable via the above clickable link or the one in the Popular New Links section below.
      Now, the real "good news" is that this breeding season, we have bred a goodly number of handfed pet-quality Green-cheeked Conures & their Mutations - not to mention our many female (green & blue) Pacific Parrotlet youngsters! So, if you scroll down this page, you will  find an early alert to some attractive lower prices for our individual Green-cheeked Conure & Pacific Parrotlet youngsters, as well as some persuasive discounted "package deals" on this "clown-like" Conure species, including FREE SHIPPING for qualifying several-bird Green-cheeked Conure purchases.
     All the work done here at Forest Park Aviaries is carried out with our very limited staffing arrangements! Geoff handles the exotic bird breeding, hand-feeding, procurement, and sales side of the business,  Dixie works very hard in the general care, maintenance & customer support areas, whilst  Debra Ryan (Certified Avian Specialist), a passionate bird-lover &  pet bird-owner herself,  very willingly volunteers her time, expertise & considerable hands-on experience in progressing our birds through their initial handling & sociability training programs, as well as guiding and advising our customers.
All best wishes for Year 2009! Please subscribe to our future Newsletters and visit some of our websites - and talk to your family and  friends about our activities here at Forest Park Aviaries!
Kindly, and sincerely,
Dr. Geoff Gammon  - Exotic Bird Breeder & Certified Avian Specialist
Forest Park Aviaries/ New Era Shopping Online.

Tel: 440-236-6355

e-Mail: fpav@roadrunner.com


Exotic Bird Price Reductions  - Stop Press

                                                .       Old Price  New Price  
Normal Green-cheeks                    $150            $125   Cinnamons                                       $165            $145
Yellow-sides                                    $195            $175

Pineapples - unsexed                     $325           $295
Pineapples - Females (DNA'd)       $325           $310

All are unsexed, ie.not yet DNA-sexed birds, except where stated. Above new prices apply whilst stocks last, but are subject to review at any time without notice.

Also available,
Female Parrotlets (Dimorphic)         $85    Now  $75

All- inclusive Delta Pets First Airline Shipping for all purchases:
Standard Rate                                     $135     Now $125

There's more!   Special Airline Shipping Deal, especially designed for multi-bird purchases:
  *** Spend $750 or more on our Green-cheeked Conures, even at above new prices, and Forest Park Aviaries will ship ("fully guaranteed") for FREE  into the Delta Cargo/Pets First facility of your nearest agreed airport . ***

Accomplishments in Year 2008  - A Year in Review

1.    Exotic Birds from Forest Park Aviaries were supplied to our valued Customers in more than 25 States USA Nationwide, including Alaska, Florida, California &  various East Coast States.

2.   Not a single bird was rejected by any one of our Customers, or their Avian Veterinarian, for any reason.

3.   Towards the end of the year, Forest Park Aviaries introduced a seemingly-novel Exotic Bird Sociability Ratings Scale to much better describe the behaviour of our exotic  pet birds at all stages during their initial handling & "sociability" training program.

4.   Extension of our hand-training programs to include both our weaned youngsters, as well as restoring towards full  "pet status" some of our partially-reverted exotic birds to meet surges in customer demand.

5.  Publication of  Dr. Geoff's new  Blog Page, albeit still at a "fledgling"  stage, designed to address wide-ranging topical exotic bird-related matters.

6.   Inclusion of state-of-the-art animated  web-pages on our main web sites.

7.   Review of the majority of our web pages to incorporate simple  single-click (note the flying yellow bird to skip to our BirdBreeders.com page!) and double-click linkages to our regularly-updated Exotic Birds Availability sites.

8.   Publication of more "Great New Deals"  New Era Shopping Online websites & storefronts  in association with our leading Affiliated Merchants nationwide.

9.   Maintenance of a highly-competitive pricing structure (please see above) for sales of our handfed exotic pet birds & tropical breeder birds, as well as absorbing higher vehicle gas & aviation fuel costs by maintaining our $135 (now reduced to $125!) flat-rate all-inclusive Delta Pets First airline shipping cost.

10.   Publication of seventeen+  exotic bird-related informational & illustrative video clips on YouTube!


Website Developments
     The banner below is now Forest Park Aviaries & Affiliates main advertising link used throughout our family of New Era online shopping websites, enabling a single click to take folks directly to Forest Park Shopping's principal navigation page at:  www.forestparkshopping.com

Forest Park Shopping Banner Link

Visitors to this website will find a well-arranged single page offering numerous clickable links to the storefronts of our leading USA Affiliated Merchants & Service Providers, comprising both easy clickable links arranged on a Market Sector basis and also on a Merchant Storefront basis. On this inter-linked family of websites, we have tried to keep your visit interesting by including a variety of Sitepal animations, YouTube links, quality images featuring all types of available merchandise, and featuring strongly our love of exotic birds, pets & animals, and their homecare.
Some key clickable links to a selection of our most-visited websites are listed in the lower right column of this Newsletter, including a link to our recent efforts at publishing exotic bird-related video clips produced here at Forest Park Aviaries.  Below, you can see our animated yellow exotic bird - a standard feature on most of the newer websites created here at Forest Park. Just click on this image to skip directly to our latest exotic bird availabilities posted on BirdBreeders.com - why not try clicking on the bird right away and see if you get to your target "exotic birds availabilities" destination?

Also to note that Webmaster Dr.Geoff is always pleased to consider reciprocal linking proposals with other external websites.                                
About Forest Park Shopping - Our Way Forward

     To the right of this section, the "About Us" logo is clickable to take you through directly to the recently-published About Us article.
We have continued to breed our exotic birds very successfully this season, and have airline shipped throughout the winter months to our customers nationwide. Many thanks to our many friends we have worked with in some thirty or more states, for keeping in touch with Forest Park Aviaries. We are now developing ambitious plans to promote our fledgling online shopping venture in consort with our affiliated merchants and promoting their many products and services across the USA. Please come check us out at:www.forestparkshopping.com and enjoy the many benefits from shopping online from your home or office at the storefronts of these leading USA-based top-performing merchants. On the above webpage, you will find many clickable links for viewing merchandise arranged by Market Sector, also with easily-navigable direct links to the Storefronts of our individual Affiliated Companies. We thank you.

Dr.Geoff, Dixie & Debra
Forest Park Aviaries & New Era Shopping
Columbia Station,
Ohio  44028
Tel: 440-236-6355
e-Mail :  fpav@roadrunner.com

Forest Park Aviaries Newsletter #1 (5/09)
Exotic Bird Price Reductions
Accomplishments - Year Reviewed
Featured Article
Dr. Geoff - Exotic Bird Breeder
Bird Sociability Ratings
     The majority of our handfed pet-quality Conures, smaller Parrots, Parrotlets & Cockatiels are transferred progressively from our Forest Park nursery into our in-home "kindergarten", where they receive sociability & "group therapy" training together with a variety of other species. Our two small dogs, Rita & Silvy, try to get involved too!  This initial handling & socialising work is conducted every couple of days by our Associate, Debbie Ryan, now, like Dr.Geoff above,  a well-experienced PIJAC-registered Certified Avian Specialist.
     During the course of this Yr.2009, Debbie & Geoff have developed further & recently published our seemingly novel "Pet Bird Sociability Rating Scale", which ranges from "zero" (for an essentially untamed breeder-quality bird) to a rating of "10+" (for a handfed, very docile, person-bondable, family-friendly bird, who will approach the handler with minimal persuasion, does repeated step-ups, etc).
     Please remember, of course, that the real need is for the bird-to-human bonding process to be carried out and maintained by the bird's new owner, preferably by purchasing the bird early in order to maximise the bird's trust in the new owner.
     Deb can be contacted directly on such handling & preliminary training matters at 440-238-5539, or by e-mail at dsryan@wowway.com .

Green-cheeked Conures
     Year 2009 to date has been an extraordinarily productive breeding season here in our "closed aviary" for normal Green-cheeked Conures & their less-common higher Mutations, particularly Cinnamons, Yellow-sides, & Pineapples, as well as several youngsters genetically-rich in relatively-scarce
Turquoise/Pineapple "genetic material".
     This has enabled us to make some hopefully very significant price reductions for our Green-cheeked Conures to recipents of this Newsletter, and their own contacts. You can check out these "great new deals" (please see price listing left), generally effective from May 1st, 2009, but available right away to you & yours, as well as to other folks you may recommend to get in touch with us here at Forest Park Aviaries. You may also find our new prices on our FEMALE Pacific Parrotlets likewise appealing!

   Our sincere thanks to all of you - and please let us have any of your constructive feedback on this first May 2009  issue of our Newsletter.

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