November 2011

Vol. 1, Edition 10

What's the Difference?


"I can't tell if my child is catching a cold or the flu. How can I know Child Lifewhich it is?"


You can use the general symptom checklist below to help you figure out what your child means by "Mommy, I don't feel good."

Remember, your child doesn't need to have all the symptoms to have the flu or a cold. In fact, flu sometimes has coldlike symptoms. But the swiftness and intensity of flu's onset are its most common signs.


Flu caught within 48 hours of first symptoms can sometimes be treated with an antiviral prescription medicine. This can shorten your child's illness by a day or two. Check with your pediatrician to see if this therapy is suitable for your little patient.


And whether it's a cold or the flu, comfort your child with plenty of liquids, bed rest and acetaminophen for fever and aches.


Symptom                               The flu                     A cold


Did the illness come on ...     suddenly                   slowly

Is your child's fever ...             high                           mild (or absent)

Is your child acting ...              exhausted                 a bit "out of it"

Is your child's cough ...           dry                             hacking

Is his or her throat ...               normal                       red, sore

Is your child's nose ...             dry                              runny

Does his or her head ...         ache                          not ache

Has your child's appetite ...   gone down               stayed the same

Do your child's muscles ...     ache                         not ache

Does your child have ...          chills                         no chills

Art Students Share Their Talents

A group of Union University art students used their time and talents to create 21 pieces of beautiful artwork for the Pediatrics unit at Jackson-General.


Last spring, some of Professor Chris Nadaskay's students visited the unit to get ideas and inspiration for their pieces. The students recently completed the months long project and delivered the artwork to Child Life Specialist Rachel Ryan.


"These students took time out of their busy schedules and gave our patients a wonderful gift," said Ryan. "We are proud of their work and have received many positive comments from our patients, families, and visitors."

Employees Grant Wish


Through the generous donations of West Tennessee Healthcare employees, one area teen's wish to visit Walt Disney World came true last month. Employees contributed to Make a Wish through their annual Willing to Help campaign.
A group of employees, along with Make a Wish volunteers, planned a surprise revealment for Londan at Chili's, her favorite restaurant. Londan and her family had a nice meal, but when it came time for dessert, she was surprised by a group of West Tennessee Healthcare employees. They presented her with a cake, which read, "You're going to Disney World!" The teen couldn't believe her eyes and was speechless for a few moments. Finally, she asked if it was true. The committee assured her it was indeed true, and she and her family would be leaving for Disney is only 4 days. The group also presented Londan with some essentials she would need for the trip such as luggage, a Mickey Mouse shirt, and some disposable cameras.
"The smile of a child is priceless," said Kathie Cothern, WTH employee and revealment committee volunteer. "We are blessed to have been a part of making Londan's life a bit brighter."
Many thanks to the West Tennessee Healthcare family, Chili's staff, Best Buy, and all the volunteers who had a part in making Londan's wish come true.
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What's the Difference?
Art Students Share Their Talents
Employees Grant Wish
Monster Mash a Howling Success
How to Treat a Cold

Monster Mash...a Howling Success


Strikes for Tikes Monster Mash...Boo-ling Bash was a great success raising $30,000 for the Therapy & Learning Center.


Lots of fun was had by all the ghouls and goblins in attendance. For a look at the event's photo album, click here.


Charity Gala  

November 12


Prematurity Awareness Day

November 17

How to Treat a Cold


* Keep kids hydrated. It helps loosen congestion. Think orange juice, chicken soup and water.


* Soothe stuffy noses. Saline drops thin mucus, improving breathing, and cool-mist humidifiers relieve irritated nasal passages.


* Target coughs and scratchy throats. Honey may help: Try a half-teaspoon for preschoolers or 1 teaspoon for grade-schoolers. Never give honey to children under age 1. Older kids can try sucking on candies or cough drops or gargling salt water.


* Reduce fevers. If your child has a fever and is very uncomfortable, acetaminophen or ibuprofen may bring relief; follow dosing guidelines. Never give ibuprofen to infants under 6 months.


If your child is under 3 months or has a fever over 102 F, is urinating less often than usual, is in pain, coughs for more than a week or has yellow eye discharge or thick green nasal discharge that lasts more than two weeks, call your pediatrician.  

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