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Customer Satisfaction is Dead or Why I am a Zealot for Dominating Markets with Value


Several times in my corporate career, I facilitated or led projects that focused on understanding, creating and delivering value to customers.  We learned that customer satisfaction was not a predictor of growth and that we had to change the way we thought about what drives market share.  The success of those projects made me a Value Zealot. 


Customer Satisfaction is dead!  Long live Customer Value!  (I'd shout that from the roof tops but it embarrasses my family and I'm not that great with heights since a short-lived teenage career in roofing.)


Now I'm working with clients to understand and implement value-based concepts to grow market share/revenue, to significantly improve their customer experience processes and to improve the capability of their organizations.  I enjoy these projects even though they typically involve significant change - changing the company's perception of their target markets, changing their market research, or changing talent requirements and organization structure.


A lot of what I learned about value management came from my association with Dr. Reg Goeke the President of Market Value Solutions and an Associate Director at the Institute for the Study of Business Markets.  Reg has pioneered in the development and deployment of customer value management systems.


My colleague, Jay Duffy, and I thought that it would be great to provide an opportunity for our clients and network in the Pittsburgh region to meet Reg.  So on March 27th, we are sponsoring a unique opportunity to hear with Dr. Goeke and spend some time with him.  Click here to find out more or check out the next article.


Dominating Markets with Value

How to Create and Deliver Superior Value throughout the Customer Experience


Join me in Pittsburgh on March 27th for a workshop by Dr. Reg Goeke of Market Value Solutions and the Institute for the Study of Business Markets.  Reg will be discussing how to  increase revenue and market share by consistently creating and delivering superior value across the customer experience.


Find out how: 

  • A Manufacturer grew share price by 6X over 5 years
  • An Equipment distributor grew from $250 million to $2.7 billion within 8 years
  • A Telecommunications firm reduced churn from 50% to 23% in 2 year
  • A Public utility doubled share price over 4 years

A great opportunity for business, marketing, product development, continuous improvement and talent leaders to learn about customer value management systems.


More Information and Online Registration  


Do Great Leaders "Bubble to the Top"?
My colleague, Richard Citrin, recounted a client in HR that said they didn't think that companies needed to assess or plan talent.  Instead, they believed that good leaders just "naturally bubble to the surface." 
Richard and I, as we are want to do, took the concept a little further and decided that this should be called the "Effervescent Model of Leadership Development".   We envisioned a random process of bubbling, eruptions, fizzing or other such emissions that spewed forth the next generation of executives. Absurd, yes, but at least it was worth a laugh. 
When I work with organizations to assess talent, we often find that they have more leadership capacity then they realized.  We find capable talent that is not deployed effectively, is reporting to the wrong manager, is not challenged, is at risk of leaving, doesn't realize they could have greater impact, etc.  I don't find much "natural bubbling".   We always find opportunities to significantly improve the organization's leadership capability by well planned and executed talent initiatives.
The Effervescent Model of Leadership is sure to go flat (sorry), leave adherents with shortage of leadership talent and little return on their talent investment.
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