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Fall Bulbs for Spring Color
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Green for Life Day

Thursday, 09/22

Wayzata High School

Heidi & crew plant an Autumn Blaze Maple with the Environmental Sciences Class!

 Heidi on Twelve TV

Tuesday, 09/27, watch Heidi on Twelve TV's news in their

"In The Garden"

segment as she demonstrates tips & tricks for Fall bulb planting and Harvest container creating!


Wintergreens Workshop Registration Now Open!

You Are Invited To

Join us during our  

Open House  

Friday, 11/11,  

from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, or Saturday, 11/12, from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM for our annual Wintergreens Workshop! 

This is your chance to work with one of our designers to make your own spruce-tip containers, table-top centerpieces, holiday wreaths or decorative bows from our extensive assortment of greens and materials!  Or let us create one for you from your selections.  

Bring your own container, or purchase one from us. We'll even deliver your finished products!

New this year: Hear from Heidi how you can engage all the senses and stir up the Holiday spirit with  principles of Horticultural Therapy.  

Bring your friends! 

Call or write now to reserve your spot!

Choose your arrival time, and let us know how many will be attending!  


It's a party you don't want to miss!


763.475.4960 or write: info@BloomOnMN.com


Did You Know...

Fall is an excellent time to plant trees!

Did You Know...

Some people even desire  

Tree Gardens

 to leverage the beauty and benefits of multiple tree types in one area of their landscape!


Did You Know..

Trees help clean the air by intercepting airborne particles and absorbing pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.



Did You Know...

The roots of trees help to stabilize the soil, prevent erosion and reduce stormwater runoff.


Did You Know...

Trees muffle noise almost as well as stone walls! Planted at strategic points around your landscape, trees can abate noises from businesses, roads and airports.


Did You Know... 

Trees and landscaping help increase property values by up to 15%.

Did You Know... 

Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens can source and plant any tree type you desire!

Invoices by E-Mail 

Would you like to receive your Invoice from us via e-mail?  In our ongoing quest to improve efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint, we are happy to send your invoice via e-mail. The same information provided in our paper version is sent to you in the form of a pdf file attachment. Just let us know if you prefer your invoice by e-mail by writing to:
or call us at: 763.475.4960

First Day of Fall 

Friday, September 23rd!
Also known as the "Autumnal Equinox", the first day of Fall is when the hours of day and night are roughly equal

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September, 2011

We hope this finds you having a fun-filled Fall season! Even though we've had periodic episodes of rainfall, we are still facing dry conditions, so be sure to water everything from your containers to your evergreens!  Plants tolerate frost conditions better with ample soil moisture.

Conversely, we've seen downy mildew on some impatiens plants as a result of our cool, wet Spring and warm Fall days with cool nights. This fungus can be problematic as it is transported in the wind. Our crews are paying close attention, looking for the grayish-white areas under the leaves, plant yellowing or stunted growth. Affected plants are being removed where needed.

We continue our Fall soil prep activities, adding compost where needed.  Our fun and fabulous Fall Harvest containers are now being installed, and we hope you enjoy the choice materials and the creativity of our designers!


Fall Bulbs for Spring Color

New Bulb Varieties are Arriving Soon
Our Fall bulb proposals have been sent via e-mail, and our line-up of new bulbs this year is spectacular! 

New tulip varieties include 'Mascotte', 'Yellow Crown' and 'Color Magic.' A new daffodil we like is the 'Double Beauty.'

We're excited to start planting your Spring color in October!

Fall is for Planting
Plants We're Excited About
We love planting in the Fall! The plants love it, too! We're planting trees, shrubs and perennials through mid-October.

A new shrub we admire is the 'Little Devil' Ninebark, which adds a deep burgundy color to the garden while attracting butterflies! This low maintenance plant is also drought tolerant. White-pink flowers emerge in June, making it a great choice for any garden area.

This awesome 'Hot Papaya' Echinacea grows to 3 feet tall, and starts out with a bright orange pom-pom before turning color to a brilliant scarlet red. It's light fragrance attracts hummingbirds, and it remains colorful all season!

See more examples of plants and projects by visiting our website:  www.BloomOnMN.com

Twinkling Lights for the Holidays
Plan Now for your Holiday Illumination Installation
Our light-stringing experts are organizing their schedules now for the impending season of light! The variety, quality and energy-efficient LED lights remain the bright idea this year.  Let us know now if you have a new area you'd like us to light up for you!  Jamie will be available for lighting consultations, as well!  Just call 763.475.4960.
Around Town

HLG On Parade
We had a blast at the James J. Hill Days celebration once again this year! Congrats to the Heer family on winning our drawing for a discount on their new garden installation!


Heidi Hosts the Lake Minnetonka Garden Club
Heidi shared her water conservation practices and techniques with the  Lake Minnetonka Garden Club last week. Attendees were shown a new video created in partnership with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. In it Heidi describes her best management practices in more detail. It also features the permeable paver system installation process.


See the new video about Heidi's water conservation practices and how a permeable paver system is installed:
Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens presents water conservation best management practices and a permeable paver installation.
For more information about any of our project installation services, seasonal containers or landscape management, visit www.BloomOnMN.com.


We remain busy planting, installing new gardens and hardscapes, and maintaining the landscapes we love and adore.  Let us know if you need a new installation yet this season.  There is still time! 

If it's true that we are about to experience the most colorful Fall in ten years, here's wishing we all make time to "sit still and watch the leaves turn."




Heidi Heiland
Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens