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Did You Know... 

Stormwater runoff is the number one water quality problem in our country.

Did You Know...
Most local runoff ends up in the Mississippi River, then can ultimately end up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Did You Know...
Some cities offer 'Stormwater Quality Credits' to property owners who implement a Stormwater Best Management Practice.

Did You Know...
Other qualifying Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP's) include Rain Gardens, Green Roofs and Infiltration Trenches.

Did You Know...
Some watershed districts offer cost-share grants for qualifying projects.

Did You Know...
Pervious paver installations for patios, walkways or driveways function as an effective stormwater BMP because the surface and subsurface structures allow for infiltration.

Did You Know...
There are many types and colors of permeable pavers, including those made of clay, concrete or composite. 

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July, 2011

Despite the recent heat wave, I hope you've been able to enjoy your gardens! With many plants at their peak, it's the best time of year to really savor your gardens! They are at their most lush and opulent stage right now. In fact, it's a great time to take note of the plants you like best, along with what you might want to change next season. We continue to take plant and landscape health notes for you, as well, and look forward to helping you plan forward in the coming seasons.
Beetle Mania
Japanese Beetle Insect Patrol in Full Force
The Japanese Beetles have arrived, and are causing problems in some landscapes. They may damage plants, certain trees, or the roots of your grass.


While we have several systemic treatment options for the adult beetle, the best way to eradicate this pest is to treat turf areas with a grub killer in spring and fall. Reducing the larvae population is a more successful method of deterring damage caused by the adult beetle. We typically refrain from the use of pheromone traps, as they may attract beetles from a very large area, and more plants may suffer damage in the process.
Shade-Friendly Plants
Some of our Favorites this Season
This lovely Othello Ligularia adds a distinctive reddish-purple color to the garden, with it's dark-colored foliage and daisy-like yellow flowers when blooming.


Another favorite this year is the Thundercloud Thalictrum. Also known as Meadow Rue, this low-maintenance plant enjoys semi-shady areas and well-drained soil.It makes a great plant for borders or woodland areas.

Thalactrim meadow rue

What's Next for the Landscape
Fall Bulbs and Mum Pot Orders
We're starting to prepare our orders for fall bulbs and mum pots, so if you have a special request this year, let us know. We send out proposals mid-August.


Deer Repellent, Pruning and Planting
We continue our 'triple threat' deer repellent practices for the landscape throughout the season. We are pruning shrubs and identifying plants in need of splitting, as well as continuing to create new planting beds. Because we plant all the way through mid-October, it's not too late to initiate a new project!  Give us a call at 763.475.4960, or write us at info@BloomOnMN.com if you'd like to get on the installation schedule. 
Team Member Spotlight
Julie Donahoe

Meet Julie Donahoe

We salute our trusted Credit Manager and Quickbooks wizard, Julie Donahoe this month!


Julie is in the midst of her third season with us, and we are most grateful for her contributions. Fearless when it comes to trying on new methods of online transactions or ways of streamlining the accounting  process, Julie brings valuable efficiencies to our record-keeping and budget-balancing process! Not your typical 'bean-counter', Julie's sense of humor and 'can-do' attitude keeps the office dynamic healthy and humming. Thanks, Julie, for your dedication, and for helping to keep the company moving forward!
Around Town
Arboretum Auxiliary Tours
Heidi and Dan Heiland hosted nine tour groups recently from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Garden Tour event.


Nearly 500 people meandered through the garden and landscape areas while Heidi described her latest techniques in lifestyle gardening. This year a new permeable paver installation was showcased, as a part of Heidi's series of water conservation practices.
Project Profile: Permeable Paver System Installation

A Worthy Investment for Your Home and Your World  

Some call it a 'stormwater best management practice', while others describe it as a home improvement project with a significant return on investment. There are so many benefits to a permeable paver system installation, Heidi decided to create and install one in her own driveway and share the experience. An educational video about the project will be available soon. 


Partnering with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, the  City of Plymouth, and a carefully selected team of experts to complement our hardscape crew, Heidi approached the project with resolve to help educate her clients and her community.  Protecting water quality and quantity is becoming increasingly important to every community. Seeing how amazingly well the water infiltrates into the ground rather than into the storm sewer after this kind of installation almost makes the lasting and gorgeous driveway part seem like a bonus by comparison.


Three tiers, or 'shelves' sloping backward are created during the excavation process to hold rainwater and run-off.

Three Three sizes of rock are layered into the tiers, to help filter water impurities and cool water temperatures. Cooler water that may end up in the storm sewer - which ultimately flows into nearby lakes and streams - is much better for the fish habitat than water warmed by concrete storm sewers.



Colored stamped concrete, expertly installed by Cowboy Concrete, adds an elegant finish to this beautiful, functional driveway. For more details on the project, see our photo album on Facebook, or visit www.BloomOnMN.com

We sincerely appreciate your business, and wish you all the best this summer!
"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart." ~ Celia Thaxter




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