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May 2011  

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May events

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8. Treat your mother to Moo Roo or the Outlet that day and enjoy a Buy One, Get One Free sundae. Limit one special per family.

Armed Forces Day is Saturday, May 21, and Memorial Day is Monday, May 30. Pay tribute to the men and women who serve in the U.S. armed forces. Please take time to say thank you to those who are serving or have served our country for our freedom.

May is National Bike Month and Clean Air Month, so take advantage of nice weather and the Cedar Valley's trail system. Bike on over to Moo Roo or the Outlet and enjoy a cool ice cream treat.

May is also Strawberry Month. Stop in for a strawberry cone, shake, sundae, or a smoothie at Moo Roo in Waterloo. One cup of strawberries constitutes about 45 calories and is an excellent source of Vitamin C and flavonoids.

Bring out the grills this month! We have pork chops, brats, hot dogs, pork burgers, hamburgers, and baconburgers. Don't forget the cheese!

Our congratulations and best of luck go out to all the young people celebrating graduations. Parents, remember Moo Roo and the Outlet for your party needs.

Name our newest baby wallaby!
Wallaby baby

Those of you who have been on a tour of the Hansen farm recently probably saw our newest member of the wallaby family. This little girl is getting brave enough to even jump out of her mom's pouch once in a while. She needs a name! Do you have a suggestion? Post it on Facebook or e-mail [email protected].

More chances to win!
cash cow

In May, 7 jugs will now have $135 written under the label (look inside the jug at your label when it's empty). Remember, there are still 5 jugs each week marked with a $5.00 prize, so keep your eyes open! View details here on our web site.

A big congratulations to our $120 CA$H COW winners in May: Annalee Hollingsworth of Evansdale and Amber & Mark Halversen of Cedar Falls!

$5.00 winners were Mark Berkley, Cedar Falls; Jane Knoop, Traer; Grant Weiden, Waterloo; Chris & Nicole Kumpf, Waterloo; Dani Olson, Cedar Falls; and Sally Ohrdt, Cedar Falls.

What does "No rBST/rBGH" mean?
rBST label

Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy opposes injecting our cows with additional growth hormones like rBST (Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin) and rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone). Some dairy farmers give these injections to stimulate the cows to increase feed consumption, thus increasing milk production. Though the FDA assures consumers that these synthetic hormones are safe for cows and humans, there is research against this claim. Hansen's milk, cream, butter and cheese curds are rBST/rBGH free, as well most of the other products we carry. We feel our animals are being fed a proper diet to produce the quantity of milk they are capable of producing while avoiding unnecessary stress.

Cheese of the Month
Sarvecchio Parmesan

The SarVecchio Parmesan we carry was awarded "Best Parmesan Cheese" at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest held March 11, 2011. This is the third consecutive gold medal for SarVecchio Parmesan. It is aged at least 20 months and is mellow with caramel and nutty flavors. This is amazing parmesan! This would be paired well with grapes, dark chocolate, and walnuts. It is also rBST free. Pick some up for your next Italian meal. A 5-oz wedge sells for $4.75.

Cow of the Month

May's Cow of the Month is Grump. She is 10 years old, one of the oldest cows in the barn. You may have noticed she has no nametags in her ears because she has outlived them!

In her lifetime, Grump has produced 222,721 pounds of milk. She is put together very well and looks great for her age, so she is likely to get pregnant again and keep on milking. That puts her on pace to set a Hansen farm record for lifetime pounds of production.

Unfortunately, Grump really lives up to her name! All the employees know her by her attitude in the milking parlor. She gets the milking machine dirty and on a bad day kicks off the milker a few times. It takes her a lot longer than other cows to be milked because she milks so much. But she is a hard worker, so congrats to a great cow, attitude and all!

Successful sample day

Thank you to the vendors who provided products for our recent sampling day at Moo Roo. A special thanks to those who were there to do their own sampling and answer customers' questions. We hope to have another sampling at Moo Roo and at the Outlet in Cedar Falls in the near future.

Our goal in creating this newsletter is to keep customers informed of new products, specials, helpful hints, interesting facts, and recipes using our products. If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, recipes or general input, e-mail us at [email protected].

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