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Holiday ice cream flavors are still available: Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Egg Nog, and Candy Cane. Get them before they're gone!

Super Sunday
Super Bowl logo

It's Super Bowl time. Plan ahead! Get all your cheese tray goodies and snacks at Moo Roo and the Outlet. Our Nature Organic crackers are back on the shelf:

  • Stone-ground wheat
  • Multi-grain flax flatbread
  • Poppy thyme
  • Sunflower basil
  • Crispy cheddar

Pair with Cedar Grove and our other cheeses as well as our popular summer sausage. Buy 3 packages of cheese and get a free slicer.

We also have chips, salsa, popcorn and Ruth Beck's Pigs in a Blanket (Moo Roo only).

Cheeses of the Month
Cedar Grove Mild Cheddar (white and yellow)
Cedar Grove cheddars

Cheese comparison as of Dec. 28:

2# shredded cheddar
Hyvee, $7.97
Wal Mart, $7.78 & $7.98
Hansen's, $6.49

String Cheese
HyVee, $.29 & $.45/stick
Wal-Mart, $.25 ea./stick
Hansen's, $.31/stick

Cheddar cheese is a semi-hard cows' milk cheese that has a wide range of flavors, depending on how it is made and how long it is aged. Young cheddar cheese tends to be more mild, while longer aged cheese has a more sharp, complex flavor. At a minimum, cheddar cheese is aged for around three months, but aging can take as much as 30 months.

The origins of cheddar cheese are ancient. The cheese was first made in Cheddar, a village in southwest England, and historical records indicate that the cheese has been made since at least the 1100s.

Many consumers associate the color orange with cheddar cheese, due to a long tradition of adding dyes to the cheese to change the color. In fact, cheddar cheese is naturally a creamy to pale white, although orange cheese has become much more common.

Cedar Grove Cheeses are stamped with a number that indicates when the cheese was made. This number will tell you whether your cheese is mild, sharp, or extra sharp.

Example: Package# 708510
10 = year
85 = day of the year cheese was processed. This package was processed the end of March 2010.
Mild Cheddar is 0-3 months old
Medium Cheddar is 3-6 months old
Sharp Cheddar is 6-12 months old
X Sharp Cheddar is 12-24 months old

CA$H COW winners
cash cow

Have you looked inside your jug lately? The big CA$H COW prize is now $900 for January! If you see a "5" or a "900" under the wallaby on the label, YOU WIN! View details on our web site. The beginning of the month is the best time to look for the big winner!

December's $5 winners were: Beth Ochsner, Cedar Falls; Ken Hanson, Cedar Falls; Linda Johnson, New Hartford; A-Z Day Care (University), Waterloo; and Maria LaMarche, Cedar Falls. Congratulations!

Butter tips

Did you know?
Land of Lakes butter at Wal-Mart (as of Dec. 28): $3.48/lb
Hansen's Butter: $2.50/lb

When purchasing Hansen's tub butter, save a tub and lid from a previous purchase. Take the new tub, dump it out on a cutting board and cut in half, then in half again. Keep one quarter of the butter (equal to one stick) in your clean previous tub and keep on your counter for 4-5 days. Store the remainder in the fridge.

The Hansen butter keepers also work great. Remember to change the water each morning.

To prevent possible contamination, always use a clean butter knife. Using the same knife for peanut butter, jelly, mayonnaise, meat, etc. could cause bacterial issues.

Unsalted butter needs to be keep frozen or it can mold due to the lack of salt.

Grass-fed beef

Tim and Kathy Hildebrand of Waverly have grass-fed beef available for purchase. No hormones are used. Call them at 319-352-5555 if interested.

In the news

You may have heard that money was stolen from Moo Roo in late December. At this time the investigation is ongoing.

Cow of the Month

January's special cow shares the same name as the month. She turned 3 years old on Jan. 3, and is pregnant with her second calf due in March. January has milked for 355 days and has produced 2,455 gallons during that time.

January has a tough attitude that has continued generation after generation in the "J" name family. This family rarely gets sick. They don't like to socialize with humans so much, but they do a good job in the milking parlor. January says "Happy Moo Year!"

Free gift!

Moo Roo sweatshirt
Now through February - Spend $50.00 at Moo Roo and get a free Moo Roo sweatshirt!

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