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October is Pork Month! Moo Roo and Hansen's Outlet are not just dairy stores - we sell many locally made products. So this month we invite you to use our coupon and enjoy meat from Delaware County Meats, locally grown and processed in Edgewood. We are also looking at selling local buffalo meat and grass-fed and corn-fed beef. Look for details soon!

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Cheese of the Month
Deppeler's Wisconsin Wheel Swiss Cheese

In October we will be featuring Deppeler's Wisconsin Wheel Swiss Cheese at our stores. The regular sells for $5.99 while the aged is $6.99. This cheese comes from Monroe, Wis., and is known as one of the best swiss cheeses in the world. It's made with part skim milk, so it's a lower fat cheese.

American cheesemakers, not Swiss, modernized Swiss production. About fifty years ago, the only way to protect Swiss wheels as they ripened was to allow a hard rind to form. The advent of plastic packaging, which keeps moisture in but allows carbon dioxide to escape, made it possible to produce rindless Swiss cheese in blocks. Rindless blocks were developed for better yield in food service; retailers appreciate the higher yield and ease of cutting.

Taste: Full-flavored, buttery, nutty. Made with part skim milk; aged at least 60 days. Ideal for table, or on sandwiches and casseroles sliced and melted.

CA$H COW winners
cash cow

Have you looked inside your jug lately? The big CA$H COW prize is now $600 for October! If you see a "5" or a "600" under the wallaby on the label, YOU WIN! View details on our web site.

September's $5 winners were: Austin Murray, Waterloo; Jamie Stiefel, Waterloo; and Brenda Durbahn, Waterloo.

'Tis the season

Holiday ice cream flavors are back! Try Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie and Egg Nog. We also have a new flavor available: Chip & Cherry (chocolate chips in cherry ice cream). Give them all a try and tell us what you think.

Dairy tidbits

25 gallons of milk = 9 gallons of ice cream
.........................OR 25 pounds of cheese
.........................OR 11 pounds of butter

30 cups of milk = 1 pound of butter (butter is made with the cream skimmed off the milk)

Summer is over

We begin our winter store hours at Moo Roo on Oct. 1. We will close one hour earlier now, at 9 p.m.

Cow of the Month
October cow

October's Cow of the Month is named - surprise! - October. This girl was born Oct. 21, 2008. She delivered her first calf at 22 months of age, which is a couple months earlier than usual for dairy cows. But October was big for her age, so she was bred earlier and has made a good transition to being a milking cow.

October wants to wish you a Happy Halloween!

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