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What's fresh this month?
Moo Roo

The August special at Moo Roo is $1 off our signature treat - the Moo Roo (vanilla ice cream rolled in chocolate cake with your choice of toppings). Available only at Moo Roo.

Stop by and pick up your lunch box goodies from Moo Roo and the Outlet: string cheese, mozzarella whips, beef sticks, granola bars, crackers and yogurt.

Both locations have available fresh produce from local farmers. Thanks to all the vendors who have brought those fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Groothuis Farms now has fresh chickens (frozen whole or cut up) available at Moo Roo and the Outlet.

Ruth Beck will be bringing in her baked goods on Wednesday and Saturdays. Our sympathy to her family for the loss of her husband, Don, a few weeks ago.

We will no longer be offering the Wallaby yogurt, the Greek yogurts or the goat cheese. We will, however, continue to carry the Sugar River Yogurt, made with non-homogenized milk.

CA$H COW winners
cash cow

The big CA$H COW prize is now $400 for August!

July's $5 winners were: Trisha Cashman, Cedar Falls; Brigham Shamrell; Shelly Bromwich; Esther Keller, Toledo; Lee Gelder, Wellsburg; and Jennifer Garrett, Cedar Falls.

4 reasons to love MILK!

1. It builds bones. 1 cup of milk provides 30 percent of the daily value of calcium, a mineral that helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth. (It takes more than 7 cups of raw broccoli to equal that 1 cup of milk.)

2. It's the #1 source of vitamin D. Scientists are discovering that vitamin D is not only important for proper calcium absorption, but also may improve immunity, reduce risks for some cancers, diabetes and multiple sclerosis and promote better blood pressure.

3. It helps keep muscles strong. One cup of milk provides 16 percent of the daily value for protein, which builds and repairs muscles. Several smaller studies are showing that chocolate milk might help athletes refuel as well as or better than popular sports drinks.

4. It helps keep your weight in check. Several observational studies show that people who consume more dairy products weigh less and have less body fat that those who consume less. Milk seems to satisfy hunger. If you are concerned about weight, you may choose to consume low-fat or non-fat milk.

Submitted by a tour visitor from Arizona taken from EATINGWELL.COM, July/August 2010

Recognition of service men and women

We know there are several men and women who have just been deployed to other parts of the world to serve. Some are heading into war zones. Our prayers go to each of them and their families who will be waiting for their safe return. If you know of someone who has enjoyed Hansen's products and would like us to recognize them, please let us know. We'd be honored to set up a display at our stores to show our appreciation for their dedication. Thanks to all for your service.

Hey, teachers!

Silos & Smokestacks is now accepting applications for school classes to visit sites affiliated with the Silos & Smokestacks Organization. If you are a teacher and would like to visit the farm, check out their website and apply:

The Farm Bureau also has $200 grants available to schools to take field trips or buy agricultural videos/equipment/ books, etc. Check out their web site for more information:

Cow of the Month

August's Cow of the Month is Sadie. At 5 years old, she has had one heifer and two bulls, and her fourth calf is due Dec. 19. Sadie is an outstanding individual with 71,625 pounds of milk in her lifetime (that's 8,140 gallons!) and 2,703 pounds of butterfat.

There's a Sadie in our family too - the oldest daughter of Brent, whom you may see around town delivering milk. Every time the original Sadie comes in the barn, she wants to find and pet the cow named after her. But that part usually fails - Sadie the cow doesn't like to be pet on the head!

If you happen to take a tour of our farm around October, you may get to see Sadie the cow in the dry cow pen, a popular tour spot for cow-viewing. Since she is due in December, she will be put in this group in October while she waits to have her calf. If you see her, just don't pet her on the head!

Change in management

Keith DeGroote is no longer employed at the Outlet in Cedar Falls. We are currently looking for someone who would be interested in managing this location. Please let us know.

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