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Remember, using our store prepaid debit card gives you 10% off on more than just milk. All Hansen products, including cheese curds, ice cream, cream, butter and hamburger, are eligible for the discount.

Super Bowl special
Don't forget the cheese

Buy any three packages of cheese and get a free cheese slicer beginning Jan. 31 through the Super Bowl, which is Feb. 7.

Need some Super Bowl snack ideas? Here is a cheese recipe that's great for entertaining. If you have recipes using ingredients found at our stores and would like to have them printed in our newsletter, e-mail info@hansendairy.com.

Cheese Ball

Recipe from Katie Fober, 2009 Iowa Holstein Princess, printed in December issue of the Iowa Holstein Herald

2 (8 oz) packages cream cheese

12-16 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, grated

1 (1 oz) package ranch dressing mix

chopped pecans

4 pecan halves

Mix together cream cheese, grated cheddar and dressing mix. Form into one large ball or two smaller balls. Roll in chopped pecans to cover. Decorate the top with pecan halves. Refrigerate at least a couple of hours or overnight before serving and enjoy.

Big prize up to $500
Latest CA$H COW winners
cash cow

$5.00 winners were: Ryan Svoboda, Dysart; Ed Kunath, town unavailable; Rebecca Lowery, Waterloo; and Tammi Dean, Cedar Falls.

Keep checking your jugs. Remember, there are five jugs each week with $5.00 and now there is a jug with $500. Bring your winning jug to Moo Roo or the Outlet to claim your prize!

Facebook feedback

Hansen's Dairy is considering setting up a Facebook page. Immediate, limited-time-only deals at our stores could be posted. What are the pros and cons of having a page? Any feedback is appreciated! E-mail us at info@hansendairy.com with your ideas.

Cow of the Month
Lingo (with Lil-Stef)

January's Cow of the Month is Lingo. Just like hospitals, we are highlighting our first birth of the year. Lingo had a heifer on Jan. 1, whom we named Lil-Stef. We chose that name because our employee, Stef Newhouse, delivered the calf and it was her first time doing so. Newhouse has been with us for 6 weeks now and is sure to spoil that calf for the rest of her life!

As for Lingo, she is 3 years old and had another heifer last year named Latoya. Lingo averaged 7 gallons of milk per day in her first year of milking, which is a great amount for a young cow. She also carries the Red factor gene, which means she has the potential to produce Red and White Holsteins in addition to Black and White ones.

Our goal in creating this newsletter is to keep customers informed of new products, specials, helpful hints, interesting facts, and recipes using our products. If you have any comments, suggestion, ideas, recipes, or general input, email us at info@hansendairy.com

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