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Drink our milk . . . make some cash!
cash cow

We are announcing a new contest, a chance for our customers to make some CA$H, just be using Hansen's milk.

There are two ways to win:

Every Monday, five 1-gallon containers will be marked as $5.00 winners.

The first of every month, one 1-gallon container will be marked as $100 winner. If the prize is not claimed in that month, the prize will increase by $100 each month until it is claimed.

When your jug is empty, just look inside behind the label to see if you are a winner. Redeem your cash prize at either store. Good luck and have fun! The contest begins September 1, 2009

Increase in Prices
Cream & Butter

We have found it necessary to increase the price on a few of our products.

Beginning September 1, 2009

Quart of cream: $3.00------ Gallon of cream: $10.00

1lb tub of butter: $2.50------3.9lb tub of butter: $9.00

September is Hunger Awareness Month
We need your help

A reminder that both the Outlet and Moo Roo will be receiving reusable bags for us to use for our customers to take our products home. We encourage you to fill it up and return and place goods for the Food Bank in the boxes provided at both locations. Your help would sure be appreciated.

Honey Awards
Iowa State Fair

Congratulations to Tim Laughlin, who brings honey to both stores, for the following awards:

1st Place: Plastic bear honey

1st Place: Round comb honey

2nd Place: Flavored creamed honey

2nd Place: White extracted honey

3rd Place: Plain creamed honey

Do-It-Yourself Ricotta Cheese
Superior to Store Bought

Most supermarket ricotta is gummy and grainy, lacking the rich, milky-sweet flavor and moist texture of ricotta handmade without stabilizers. Fortunately, making your own is very simple.

Heat 1 gallon whole milk and 1 teaspoon salt to 185 degrees over medium-high heat in a Dutch oven; remove from the heat and slowly stir in 1/3 cup lemon juice. Allow the mixture to stand, undisturbed, for 5 minutes. If the milk hasn't separated into solid white curds and translucent liquid whey, gently stir in 1 more tablespoon of lemon juice and let stand again, repeating the process if necessary. Spoon the curds into a colander lined with cheesecloth and drain, without pressing or disturbing, overnight in the refrigerator. This technique will yield 3 1/2 cups of a superior- tasting ricotta facsimile (true ricotta is made from the whey created as a byproduct of cheese-making) that can be used in recipes from Lasagna and manicotti to cheesecake and ricotta pie.
To view a free video, "How to Make Ricotta," visit

Cow of the Month

Autumn is September's Cow of the Month in honor of the first day of fall (Sept. 22). Autumn is 2 years, 8 months old. She has only had one calf so far, a bull, but is due to have another calf Feb. 21, 2010. In 217 days of milking, Autumn has produced 15,037 pounds of milk, 564 pounds of fat and 446 pounds of protein. She is a gorgeous cow and very curious. She is always looking for attention and usually receives it! Autumn's body structure gives her the potential to stay in the herd for a long time and produce a lot of milk!

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