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July Is Ice Cream Month
Watch for in-store specials throughout the month

July 1: Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
July 8: Sundae Day: Brownie Sundae $1.49 plus tax at both stores
July 17: Ice Cream Cone Day: Single Dip Cone $1.00 at the Moo Roo, Outlet (buy one get one free)
July 23: National Vanilla Ice Cream Day: $4.00 for a 1/2 gallon at both stores

Butter keepers
Great gift idea . . .

Our new butter keepers are in and available at both stores. They proudly display the Hansen's logo and work well with Hansen's butter. They sell for $14.95. (Tip: remember to pack the butter well and change water once a day to keep butter fresh.) Great gift idea or for use at home.

Fresh Produce
Check out the variety

We continue to get a variety of fresh produce from area farmers. We've enjoyed strawberries from Bagges in Independence and lettuce and spinach from Ken & Carolyn Adolph of Traer. Coming soon will be romaine lettuce, broccoli, snap peas, tomatoes and onions, from Rose Hill Farms of Hudson.
Stop in and enjoy our local products!

4th of July Special
Heat up the grill and save!

From Saturday, July 2nd-July 4th
Buy three packages of Delaware Co. Brats, frankfurters, brat patties, porkburgers or Hansen's ground beef patties or baconburgers and get 1 pound of mild cheddar cheese and a cheese slicer FREE!

Dairy Tours
A note of thanks

Thanks for the WONDERFUL tour last Sat. Our family had an awesome time. Grandson Zach (age 2 1/2) returned to Michigan with a cow he found at Target- making sure it had udders to milk. He named that cow Lacy-like the calf he bottle fed. Thanks for taking the time to educate all of us. The kids are back home, but we are enjoying the choc milk and ice cream they could not take with them.
Again thanks-
Connie & Jerry Meisgeier

Health Note
Milk and exercise

A study showing the benefits of drinking milk after exercise comes from Loughborough University (UK). Researchers had subjects exercise in the heat until they lost about 2% of their bodyweight from sweating. Then subjects drank 150% of the fluid they lost in the form of water, Powerade or fat-free milk.

The scientists found that when subjects drank water or Powerade, they lost twice a much fluid from urinating than they did when they drank milk. In other words, the milk allowed test subjects to stay hydrated much better than water or Powerade.

From the Nutrition Notebook, Tabatha Elliott, PhD Muscle & Fitness October 2008

Cow Of The Month

July's Cow of the Month is Liz. At 1 year of age her fertilized eggs were flushed for other cows to carry. So even though she will only be 4 years old on July 19, she has already had three heifer calves --- one that she carried and two by surrogate mothers. She is also pregnant and due Nov. 18. Liz is usually the first cow to come into the milking parlor and dominates the competition with her production --- the highest milking cow on the farm today in a 365-day period. In this lactation she produced 32,556 pounds of milk in 275 days. Liz is one of the nicest cows in the herd. She is very gentle and likes to lick!

Employee Of The Month
Katelyn Pedersen

Katelyn Pedersen (KP) is to be recognized this month as a very important employee at both the Moo Roo and Hansen's Outlet. She also helps out with farm tours, farmers' markets, and health fairs when needed. Katelyn is always willing to help wherever help is needed, making her the one who will be missed come the middle of August when she'll leave to pursue a degree in Animal Ecology at Iowa State. She graduated from Hudson in 2007 and Hawkeye Community College in the Spring of 2009. Playing soccer, volleyball, and hanging out with her friends fill her time when she's not working.

We wish Katelyn the best of luck at Iowa State.

Demonstration Day At The Moo Roo
Saturday, July 25th, 10:00 AM

We are going to have two of our customers who work with our products to create their own specialties give demonstrations on July 25th at the Moo Roo.
Marie Stigliani will be making Yogurt
Paul Troiano will be making Fresh Mozzarella

If you have something you would be willing to share, please let us know and we'll be glad to schedule a demonstration time for you. It would be great to do something once or twice a month if the interest is there.

Our goal in creating this newsletter is to keep customers informed of new products, specials, helpful hints, interesting facts, and recipes using our products. If you have any comments, suggestion, ideas, recipes, or general input, email us at info@hansendairy.com

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