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Mother's Day
May 10th

Treat Mom with a tasty dessert from the Moo Roo on Mother's Day. From our delicious waffle cones to our signature MooRoo dessert, she'll surely find something sweet to celebrate her special day! Bring your Mother in to either Moo Roo or the Outlet and treat her to anything on the menu for 50 cents off. Mothers are very special people.

Summer Hours
Moo Roo and Outlet

Moo Roo will now be open Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 10 PM and Sunday, Noon to 10 PM.

Summer hours for Hansen's Outlet will begin May 4: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Monday through Saturday and Noon - 10:00 PM Sundays

Memorial Day
May 25th

Regular hours at both places
8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Having company? Bring them in and treat them to something special.

Congratulations Class of 2009!
Graduation Parties

Stock up for your graduation party at our stores!
*Award winning cheeses
*Summer sausage
*BBQ pulled pork (heat & serve)
*Ice cream in 6 quart containers and 3 gallon containers.
*ice cream cakes and pies.

Grilling Season
Fresh is Best!

We have our Hansen's ground beef patties available, which are 96% lean. Remember not to over cook. We are also selling Delaware Co. products such as ground pork patties, brats (smoked plain, smoked with cheese, and Jalapeno with cheese), and brat patties. Stock up now!

New Product
Hansen's Chocolate Milk

Hansen's Chocolate milk is now available at the Moo Roo and Hansen's Outlet in Cedar Falls. We have both gallons and half gallons on the shelf. $3.99 per gallon, $2.79 per half gallon. Our chocolate milk is 1% with 1/2 the regular amount of sugar as typical chocolate milk. We do not use high fructose corn syrup.

Cow of the Month


May's Cow of the Month is Lincon. We chose her in honor of Mother's Day, because she is the oldest mother on the farm. At 10 years old, Lincon has calved 8 times --- 6 heifers and 2 bulls. The majority of her daughters have black faces like their mother. She also has several granddaughters, so the family tree will be around for a long time. Right now Lincon is milking 130 pounds per day, and she has produced a whopping 183,190 pounds of milk in her lifetime. At $3/gallon, she would have $63,900 in milk sales! She is one of the few Hansen cows that will milk 200,000 pounds in her career. She obviously knows how to work and enjoys it. If you ever come out to the farm for a tour, look for the green ear tags --- she's the only cow with that color. Lincon is a gentle gal to work with and still has a young look about her. She will hopefully have more Mother's Days to come.

Employee Profile
Kayla Rath

Kayla Rath was the first person hired back in May, 2006 at the Moo Roo. A 2007 graduate from West High School, Kayla is now attending Hawkeye Community College where she is majoring in Nursing. After completion at Hawkeye, she hopes to attend Allen Nursing School. Kayla left Moo Roo the end of July, 2007 and served with the U.S. Army and returned to the employment of Moo Roo in June of 2008 as an assistant manager.
Kayla enjoys babysitting in her free time. She has learned how to work as a team. Kayla is a valued employee, and we're glad she's on our team!

Most Popular Cheese
Longhorn Colby

Our Longhorn Colby cheese from Arena, Wisconsin, seems to be the most popular at the current time. This is a mild cheese that placed 3rd in the 2009 U.S. Cheese Championships. Stop in and give it a try.

Thanksgiving Turkeys
Please order by May 15th

Though Thanksgiving is a ways off, we are planning ahead. Tim Daley, a customer from New Hartford, will be raising turkeys and having them available for our enjoyment by the big day. The turkeys:
**are pasture fed
**are not fed hormones or antibiotics
**weigh between 14 - 16 lbs.
**will be delivered to both stores frozen
**price yet to be determined
If you are interested, please place your order at either Moo Roo in Waterloo or Hansen's Outlet in Cedar Falls by May 15th.

From a Valued Customer

Recently, I was chaperoning high school students on a trip away from this area. While there one of the students became ill and experienced a great deal of stomach cramping - so much cramping that she was teary and unable to participate in the event for that morning. As I tended to her she stated that she had drunk a glass of milk that morning. She went on to say that she hadn't eaten much in that past couple of days and wanted to get some good nutrition into her body for the day. I asked her if she had any history of intolerance to milk products and she said yes. As we visited, I suggested that she may be able to drink Hansen's Dairy milk because they do not homogenize it and other people have found that they can drink it without problems. I was not surprised when she said she drinks Hansen's milk at home and has no problems with her stomach. All ends well as she received the proper care and was able to join the other students.
- Sharon McRae, loyal Hansen's Dairy customer, and mom of four who will only drink Hansen's milk (boy, do they like the new chocolate milk!)

Fresh Produce

We are looking for fresh produce to sell at the Moo Roo and the Outlet. If you know someone or are interested, please let us know!

Our goal in creating this newsletter is to keep customers informed of new products, specials, helpful hints, interesting facts, and recipes using our products. If you have any comments, suggestion, ideas, recipes, or general input, email us at

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