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What's New At Moo Roo
Mother's Day is May 11!

Treat Mom with a tasty dessert from the Moo Roo on Mother's Day. From our delicious waffle cones to our signature MooRoo dessert, she'll surely find something sweet to celebrate her special day! Be sure to print the coupon further down for 50 cents off any item on Mother's Day only.

-Nutritional Labels

Our label has changed due to inspectors requesting an ingredient listing. This provided us with a window of opportunity to revamp our entire label. Nutritional labels are not required because of our relatively small volume of production. Our website: contains copies of the nutritional labels.

-BAKE SALE for Grin and Grow Child Care: Sunday, May 4 from Noon - 6 PM at the Moo Roo, Kimball & Ridgeway. Lots of baked goods and desserts to buy. Grilled Hansen's hamburgers will be available for $3.00, so bring your appetites! Proceeds will support scholarships for children from low income families to attend a quality daycare and preschool.

Thanks for Your Comments
Method Of Payment

Based on customer comments, it has been decided to leave prices the same and continue to accept cash or check only.

We thank you for your input.

Recipe for Stuffed Crust Pizza

Ingredients: 1 loaf frozen bread dough (thawed), 1 lb. Baker's String Cheese, 1 jar Ragu pizza sauce, 1 lb. Hansen's Hamburger or Iowa Farm Families ground pork, 1 lb. Cedar Grove Mozzarella Cheese, Other toppings as desired

Cook hamburger ( or meat of choice) and drain grease. Set aside. Grease a 13 inch pizza pan and gently spread dough to evenly cover the pan. Take individual pieces of string cheese and roll the dough at the edge around the cheese. Continue around the perimeter of the pizza. Next, spread the pizza sauce evenly onto the dough. Place hamburger or other toppings on the sauce. Lastly, slice the mozzarella from its longest length, laying the "sheets" of cheese over the toppings. Slices will melt more evenly across the top than shredded cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 17-20 minutes or until crust appears golden brown. Remove from oven and let sit for 5 minutes before cutting. Enjoy!

Cow of the Month
May Cow of the Month Muggs

Muggs is the May cow of the month. She is 9 years old and has given birth to three bulls and three heifers. The heifers' names are MC, Magical and Majesty. Her seventh calf is due in September. Muggs has given us 182,051 pounds of milk in her lifetime, or 364,102 8- oz. "muggs"! Muggs is our oldest cow and acts like a mother to the rest of the herd. She stands outside the milking parlor and watches the other cows go in until she is ready. She's gentle and wonderful to work with. She's also known for being pictured on our web site on the Take a Tour page.

May Special
$2.95 including tax

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Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy Outlet Store
Ice Cream

Our Cedar Falls store has no food service license. However, we sell half pint servings of our homemade ice cream. We also have a variety of flavors in premade, single serve, sugar cones. Spoons and outdoor picnic table seating are provided.

Tips of the Month

How old is your Cheddar Cheese?

Did you know that cheddar cheese has no expiration date? Mild cheddar is 0-3 months old, medium is 3-6 months, sharp is 6-12 months, X sharp is 12-24 months, and after that the years are counted. For example 5 yr, 6 yr, 7 yr, etc.


After four years we discovered where to place the instructions to "Shake" on the label. Everyone checks the date. Well, why not background the word "Shake" behind the date? We have now generated lots of discussion about shaking skim milk. In unhomogenized milk, light, particles tend to rise and heavier particles tend to sink. Even though skim has little to no fat, we still recommend a good shake.

Our goal in creating this newsletter is to keep customers informed of new products, specials, helpful hints, interesting facts, and recipes using our products. If you have any comments, suggestion, ideas, recipes, or general input, email us at

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