Look What's Happening at ITN

Our family of affiliates has been busy preparing and holding events all summer long, and we're not slowing down this fall.

Congratulations to ITNBluegrass, ITNNorthCentralConnecticut, and ITNSanDiego for holding their
Walk for Rides fundraiser this summer. Check out the great events planned for some of our other affiliates.

Walk for Rides

Upcoming Events

ITNGreaterLA Walk for Rides is scheduled for Sunday, September 26, at Fox Filmed Entertainment Lot. All participants will receive a free T-shirt. Motion Picture & Television Fund is holding this Walk For Rides event in support of ITNGreaterLA, sponsored by Fox Filmed Entertainment. See their brochure.

ITNCentralCT Walk for Rides is scheduled for Saturday, September 25, on Main Street in Middleton. See their brochure.

ITNLasVegasValley is scheduled to have their First Rides Event on Wednesday, September 22 at Henderson City Hall. Mayor Andy A. Hafen will cut the ribbon to start the event. Thank you to the City of Henderson and all of ITNLasVegasValley's sponsors and supporters for making this event possible.

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