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August 2012
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   Southpaw Weighted Lap Belt

Southpaw Weighed Lap Belt

The Weighted Lap Belt is a great way to provide just a bit of proprioceptive input and deep pressure to assist the somewhat fidgety child during sitting activities. Like any weighted piece of equipment, the Weighted Lap Belt is ideally used to gain regulation and calmness in order to improve attention and participation in tasks at home, school or during therapy activities. Additionally, the Belt is made of a soft fur which helps build tactile awareness. Sold as set of 2. The 4 lb belt is 6" x 36" and the 6 lb belt is 6" x 48".

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Sens-Aura from Southpaw
Therapy Talk
Deanna Maciole
Finding the Right Tools to Transition Back to School
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L

Transitioning back to school is never easy, but it presents even more difficulty for our children with sensory processing concerns. Daily routines change and the laid-back summer attitude switches gears into the high energy of the school regime.  Some children thrive on going back to school because of re-establishing more of a daily routine.  But often times it is up to the parents, therapists, and teachers to figure out and re-establish how to get our children back into the "just right" state needed to be successful in the classroom for an entire day. This month we are going to touch upon some ways to help at home in the early weeks of heading back to school.  

Getting out the door in the morning is typically the most difficult for a household.  Therefore, making sure you are choosing 1 or 2 strategies that can be easily integrated into the morning routine is ideal. And if you already have an established sensory diet or home program, work with your therapist to figure out which ones are best for you to use.

For the child who needs a little 'gas' to rev up their systems try integrating some alerting activities and foods into their morning. For these children, not only is it frustrating to the parent to always have to help out with each step of the process, but letting them get dressed and plop until the bus arrives is not getting their bodies or brains ready for the day ahead.  So, as they get out of bed have them do a few stretches, jumping jacks, or even bunny hops to the bathroom to get a little cold water to wash their face (what better way to wake up!)  Transition around the house with fast walks, jumps, skipping or galloping.  If possible, let you child be the one to head outside and get the morning paper at the end of the drive or take the outgoing mail to the box.  Use fast tempo music during the morning routine, not only does it help move the body a bit faster, it also helps to put everyone in a good mood.  If time allows, throw in a quick game of Simon Says as you prep breakfast and lunches.  Allow breakfast to include some 'alerting' items.  Such as, a nice cold glass of cranberry juice, a bowl of fruit, or cold cereal.

For the child that wakes up with a high reserve of energy, use those heavy work, proprioceptive activities to get his or her systems calmed and regulated. Transition from room to room with animal walks (bear, crab, etc) and wheelbarrow walks.  Prior to getting dressed, provide deep massage or a brushing program to calm their bodies down.  Keep the morning routine as calm as possible, with lights low and quiet music or background noise.  Warmer foods, as well as chewy and crunchy foods are ideal at breakfast, such as oatmeal, chewy bagels, or apples.  Also, present their morning drink through a straw.  Wearing a backpack, appropriately filled, is another great way to provide a calming, deep pressure to the body.

It probably goes without saying that another key component to help with these morning transitions is organization and calmness of the household.  Have whatever you can prepared the night before to alleviate the morning "rush", allowing more time in the morning to get your child ready for the demands of school.  In addition, staying calm helps to keep your child's system in the 'right' state, decreasing the chances of either shutting it down or revving it up.

Start this school year out on the right foot by choosing the perfect tools in your toolbox to get your children up and going this Fall.

Sens-Aura from Southpaw   

Did you know? 

  • That MSE Rooms can be used for Therapy as well as for recreation and relaxation with a variety of populations?  
  • That a basic MSE Room for Therapy cost under $10,000?  
  • MSE Rooms can be the ultimate space to offer treatment and set outcomes and goals for adults with Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, TBI & PTSD?  Anyone with sensory processing issues and anxiety is a candidate for treatment in a MSE.
  • That Southpaw offers comprehensive training for your staff to provide Therapy and show you how to get the best results from your investment?
  • That Southpaw makes a wide variety of VibroAcoustic seating and can customize positioning options? We can retrofit your existing furniture to be VibroAcoustic.  Alternate positioning options, including VibroAcoustic products, are effective treatment for decubitus ulcers by reducing muscle spasticity and decreasing pain. 
  • That the ICE Mini Rover Elite and a comfortable VibroAcoustic seating item is an ideal option for customers that cannot dedicate a space for an MSE?
  • That Southpaw has MSE showrooms in Dayton, OH and New York City?  We can also demo products in the Atlanta area.  See our schedule for product demonstrations at the Dayton facility in September.
  • That Southpaw MSE staff have more than 40 years' experience designing, installing and training staff in the effective use of MSE Rooms?
More Great Products from Southpaw
Swings by Southpaw

Southpaw Snuggle Swing

Snuggle Swing

A different twist on our popular Cuddle the Cuddle Swing, the Snuggle Swing is made of a soft, stretchy fabric, but offers one closed side, allowing for more stability as a child sits and looks through the opening of the swing. With the deep pressure provided throughout the body, the Snuggle Swing is an ideal way to address calming and organizing needs while incorporating vestibular input during any treatment activity.



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Multi-Sensory Environments


ICE Color Panel

This ICE product provides a pane of light that can scroll through the 8 colors or connect to a switch for complete control. The panel is lightweight and made to attach easily to a wall. Makes a colorful addition to a MSE, bedroom or common room. LED lights make it virtually maintenance-free!

Easily paired with a Power Cube or Super Switch to provide the user with a full range of opportunities for interactive activities.

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If you are near the Dayton and Centerville area you can schedule to experience our MSE Room personally. Meeting dates are available September 10-13 & 24-27. Call Tom Marshall at 724-650-4643 or email to schedule an appointment today.