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Crash Pit Steps and Slide

To improve accessibility and motor planning, we have added the option of our new steps and slide to our popular Crash Pit. This makes our Crash Pit more versatile and will provide your clients hours of fun as they develop motor planning, gross motor skills and social interaction.


Therapy Talk
Deanna Maciole
Having A Ball With Ball Pits
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L
There are probably very few parents, therapists, and teachers out there who would not agree that ball pits are enjoyed by children of all ages.  Most children cannot resist the urge to just jump in when they see one.  Ball pits offer pure fun to jump, "swim", throw, and hide.  A once common attraction at many amusement arenas now can be found in almost any toy catalog or store, as well as many therapy settings.  So what make ball pits such a great activity for children, and how are they beneficial for our sensory children?

Ball pits definitely provide a lot of excitement, but also offer many therapeutic benefits.  They are ideal for providing proprioceptive and tactile input, working on body awareness, motor planning, and stereognosis skills, as well as strengthening core stability.  Since the size and set up of ball pits vary, so do the specific benefits.

Large, clinic size ball pits can be used as a crash landing pad.  Position the pit near a swing hook up, and using a trapeze swing a child can pretend to be Tarzan or Jane and crash into the water.  From there they can "swim" across the pit to rescue an item. Negotiating through the ball pit is beneficial for the lower tone child and those with decreased trunk stability.  This also provides a lot of propricoceptive and tactile input.   In addition, larger ball pits encourage peer interaction, allowing 2 or more children to play together.  You can address motor planning by setting up an activity, such as a puzzle, Mr. Potato Head or peg board with the pieces on one end and the board on another end, having the child go back and forth for completion.

Southpaw's new Crash Pit Steps and Slide offer additional fun and therapeutic benefit.  Maneuvering up the steps helps address balance, coordination and motor planning skills..  The steps are great for stair climbing skills, bilateral coordination and motor planning.   And the slide provides vestibular input while improving core strength.  In addition, you can have your child walk or creep up the slide to work on core stability, balance, and coordination skills.

Smaller ball pits or the Sensory Shaker can be a great addition to your home play area to address aspects of your child's sensory diet.  In addition, these offer great small spaces to calm down or do a quiet activity.  The Sensory Shaker is a great way to shake up the fun by playing "popcorn"; popping the balls all around your child.  When the balls find their way out, children can work on their eye-hand coordination skills by tossing the balls right back into the target- the ball pit.

Any size ball pit allows you to hide items on the bottom, having your child use his or her hands to hunt for the items.  A fun way to achieve this is by using matching picture cards of the items and allow the child feel his or her way around to find its match.

Ball pits offer an endless supply of fun, and are especially needed during the months of winter when we find ourselves inside.  They are a great activity for all children, but offer a wonderful therapeutic benefit.
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Southpaw Crash Pit

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Large Marvelous Marble Panel

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