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 New Southpaw Weighted Cart Junior! 

Southpaw Weighted Cart Junior

We had a great response to our Weighted Cart, but our therapists also asked for a cart that would work for their small pre-K clients, so we made one for you.

This Weighted Cart is useful for heavy work activities for children with sensory processing difficulties. These activities involve whole body actions such as pushing, pulling, lifting, playing and moving, to help increase attention, decrease defensiveness and modulate arousal.

The new cart is identical in design to our larger version, except it has been proportionally reduced in size. Fill the cavity in the base with 1/2 lb. weights for proprioceptive input, and let them go. Cart is made of Baltic Birch and has four locking casters.


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Deanna MacioleThe Balancing Act of Relaxation
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L

In our adult lives we are always looking for ways to relax, decrease the stress from our busy days, and find more balance between the many roles that we play.  We find that as we fill in our weekly schedules with the many to dos that we have as parents, spouses, and employees that there is less time to relax.  We think back to how simple life was when we were children, however more and more, children are beginning to experience stress in their day to day lives no matter what age they are.  And often, their way to show they are stressed is through tantrums, negative behaviors, or hyperactivity. Which in turn increases our frustration.  As adults, we search and search in our own lives for those moments to enjoy a cup of tea with a book, the time to fit in a workout, taking a walk, or scheduling time at the spa as some ways to relax.  Unfortunately, it isn't that easy for our children to identify that they are stressed, as well as come up with ways to relax.  Their reactions to stress are pretty instant.  As parents and adults, we often try to encourage our children that their stressors are not important, however for that child at that moment, it is.  Whether it be about the amount of school work they have, playing in a big game, fitting in at school, leaving mom and starting preschool, for them too, the stress is real. Instead of trying to tell our children not to worry about these situations, we should help teach them a variety of ways to cope with stress and help them to relax. That means, just like a sensory diet, we need to have coping mechanisms built in to their daily routines.
One of the best ways for anyone to work through stress is through exercise.  Therefore, as parents we need to help make exercise a regular part of our child's routine. It can always be a good way to keep ourselves motivated.  Based on your child's age, you can take a run, walk or bike ride with them.  Also, using age appropriate dance/exercise videos can be a fun way to break up a long day. Introducing some quiet time and concentration with yoga is another great option.  There are now many child-friendly yoga programs available.  Enrolling in sports, tumbling, or martial arts are other great outlets for children.  For some children, it may be best to include activities that are not competitive-based so that they are able to concentrate on their own performance.  And make sure you are introducing activities that fit your child's abilities, so they do not become frustrated.  Included in the area of exercise, would be making sure your child is eating a balanced diet and gets plenty of rest.  It is much easier to handle frustration on a full stomach and a good night sleep.  This is often seen with toddlers.  You may have that happy-go-lucky child, but you realize you missed snack time or nap time is soon approaching when his tolerance to share and play decreases and toys begin to be thrown.

To help calm a tantrum, or help encourage rest, weighted items are often very successful.  Especially for children who crave deep input.  Using a weighted blanket, lap pad or vest helps to get the child's body to calm down and relax.  It also helps to keep them organized allowing them to focus on relaxing.  Southpaw now offers a child-friendly Weighted Teddy Bear blanket which provides a plush surface adding more comfort and can appeal to all children.  These items are also great when trying to get the child who has difficulty falling asleep to bed.
Overall quiet time is needed in anyone's day.  So, take some time to unplug with your children.  Turn off the television and shut down the computer.  Spend some time with a book, listening to relaxing music, or having a sound machine on.  Although this may not always sound appealing to the child who would rather be listening to her IPOD, but it really can do a lot to decrease stress.  Again, this may be great addition to a bed time routine and helps your child wind down for the night.

The above mentioned are just a couple of suggestions to get you to start thinking about balance in your child's life.  And if you really look at them, they encompass all of the sensory areas, however these are great suggestions for all children.  More importantly, it is a way for you to get involved with your child, and always remember, children learn best through, help your child to become a balanced child, and you will find he or she will be a happy child!

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We have an always changing list of scratch and dent items available for sale. All items are free of defects, but may have some minor cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the usability of the product.

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