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 Southpaw Weighted Teddy Bear Blanket

Southpaw Weighted Teddy Bear Blankets


We've designed two new animal-shaped weighted blankets for calming and over-all sensory input. These plush brown bears are soft and comforting to the touch and make therapy fun.

The large Teddy Bear Blanket has a 16 lb. inner liner, while the smaller version has an 8 lb. inner liner. The inner liners are made using our proprietary laminating process to provide even weight distribution.

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Deanna MacioleSomeone's in the Kitchen
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L

The winter months often have us spending more time in our homes due to the blistery cold wind and snow. This leads us to try and find ways to keep everyone in the house occupied and out of the winter blahs. So, what better way to pass some time than hanging out in the kitchen?  Not just to partake in the joy of eating, but taking the time to enjoy the therapeutic experience that can take place in the kitchen.  Cooking and baking are fabulous therapeutic activities that present the opportunity to address direction following, sequencing, stability, fine motor, tactile, and bilateral coordination skills.  So, no matter what you need to address with your children or client, head into the kitchen for a fun and different approach. Yes, having extra people in the kitchen can definitely lead to increased chaos and stress, especially when it involves little hands, but participating in a cooking task can be fun, therapeutic, and functional. For kitchen time to be enjoyable and successful, it helps to be set up and organized prior to starting the task.
First, pick a recipe that is yummy and can be enjoyed by you and your children.  Also, make sure that it fits their skill level. Have the recipe in a format that is best for your child to participate. To accomplish this you may have each step given separately on index cards, use pictures to help with identifying ingredients and the steps to be followed, or you may choose to provide them verbally. 

Based on your child's ability, you can have all the ingredients gathered, or allow them to negotiate around the kitchen to get what it is needed.  For older and higher functioning children, cooking allows them to work on problem solving skills by having them piece together what type of utensils and dishes are used for the different ingredients. For example, what type of measuring cup is used for solids or liquids?  It goes without saying that you need to use caution when using the oven, stove, knives, or electrical appliances.

Tasks such as mixing, pouring and dumping, as well as spreading are great for shoulder stability strengthening, bilateral coordination, and wrist stability.  Using utensils of different sizes and with thicker handles may help children with decreased grasping skills.  In addition, using bowls with rubber bottoms is ideal to avoid slipping; however, Dycem or rubber shelf liners also work great for this.

Positioning is also important when working in the kitchen.  Most often, it is easier to complete tasks in standing, but make sure that the child and counter are at good workable heights.  If needed, have a child stand on a stool, but make sure they are safe and stable.

Cooking and baking are activities that naturally provide multiple step directions, require use of math skills, and address self-confidence.  Very often, we look at how it is easier to just do things on our own, but when we take the time to pull our kids into a daily chore, we not only provide a great therapeutic activity, we also get to spend some time together beating off those winter blues.  So, put on your apron and cook up something yummy!


Southpaw Scratch & Dent

We have an always changing list of scratch and dent items available for sale. All items are free of defects, but may have some minor cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the usability of the product.

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