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Pawprint October 2010
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Southpaw on NBC's 'George to the Rescue' this Weekend!

Daniel Kosovrasti on his Platform Swing from Southpaw 
Southpaw recently appeared on NBC's new home makeover program 'George to the Rescue'.  In the upcoming episode, host George Oliphant rescues the Kosovrasti family in Chicago.   The family has 3 boys who previously shared one small upstairs bedroom.  The oldest son, 13 year old Philip, is a cancer survivor in remission from lymphoma.  After the renovation, Philip will now have the entire upstairs bedroom to himself.  The crew also remodeled the garage, dividing it up into bedrooms and a sensory room for the 2 younger sons, Daniel and Alex, who have both been diagnosed with Autism.  Tune in this upcoming weekend (October 30th and 31st) to see the full episode. You can catch the show in the areas and times listed below, or it will also be available online on Southpaw's website or at

'George to the Rescue' Show Times
WNBC - New York - Sat / 10 AM
KNBC - Los Angeles - Sun / 9:30 AM
WMAQ - Chicago - Sun / 11:00 AM
WCAU - Philadelphia - Sat / 2 PM
KXAS - Dallas - Sun / 12 AM
KNTV - San Francisco - Sun / 3 PM
WRC - Washington, DC - Sun / 5 AM
WTVJ - Miami - Sun / 7 AM
KNSD - San Diego - Sat / 5 PM
WVIT - Hartford - Sun / 5 AM

Please check your local listings, as these times sometimes change.


See pictures from the renovation on Southpaw's Facebook page.


You can read an article about the show in the Naperville Sun.
Deanna MacioleGetting to Know You
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L

For the next few newsletters we are going to focus on a particular piece of equipment, allowing you the opportunity to really get to know it.  We are hoping to introduce you to some new pieces of equipment, re-acquaint you with others, and give you some new ideas of how to "spruce up" your use of them during treatments.  So, this month let's meet one of the new kids on the block - the Marvelous Marble Panel.    Designed to complement any sensory program or to be part of a multisensory environment, this piece of equipment is a unique way to offer your clients tactile, visual and auditory input.

More than 1,000 marbles provide a calming experience as individuals run their hands back and forth over the grid, providing smooth tactile input. The quiet, yet constant calming sound of the rolling marbles over the steel grid is a great source of auditory input.  It has diffused lighting which allows the colors to shine through, especially in a darkened area, offering an overall relaxing effect.  Using this item is a great way to achieve overall attention, focus and organization.  It is a wonderful supplemental piece of equipment that stands out from the rest.

The Marvelous Marble Panel is great for schools, nursing homes, and clinics.  It can be used as part of a treatment activity or just recreational use.  This piece of equipment is also an ideal addition to any multisensory environment.

For individuals who are over-stimulated or just need ongoing calming input as part of their sensory diet, this is the right tool for them.  In a school or clinic-based setting the Marble Panel is a terrific way to prepare students or clients for tasks that require increased attention or for those over-whelming activities, such as a school assembly.

There are many ways to become creative and use the Marvelous Marble Panel as part of your treatment activities.  By attaching pictures to the outer edges, you can address range of motion and visual scanning by having individuals move their hands across the marbles and reach for the picture. You can also add in verbal direction following, by asking individuals to move their hands in particular directions, or at various speeds to increase or decrease the sound, as well as addressing body orientation with left and right discrimination.  Based on the placement of the panel, positioning and core stability can be addressed by using various seating options, such as a t-stool, bolster, ball, etc. to interact with the panel.  Well, I hope that you have enjoyed your introduction to the Marvelous Marble Panel.  It is truly a useful, fun and calming addition to any setting requiring sensory input.
Southpaw Marble Panel
Next month we will be taking the time to re-acquaint ourselves to a tried and true favorite, the Platform Swing.  We are looking for fun, creative, and different ways you may have used this swing in your home or therapy setting.  Take a few minutes to give us your ideas here.  We will review your submissions and possibly talk about them in the November edition of Pawprint.  The most unique idea wins a Southpaw gift certificate! 
Southpaw's Basic Vestibular Set
Get Your Clinic Swinging with Southpaw's Basic Vestibular Set!
Every therapist knows there are three swings that are the basis of every vestibular program - the net swing, platform swing, and bolster swing.  The carpeted platform swing can be used in a wide range of tilting movements and is suitable for clients in prone to standing positions. The bolster swing may be used for a variety of progressive flexion activities, and is strong enough to support both therapist and client. the therapy net provides vestibular input in all planes and improved head and neck extension.

Multisensory Environment Open House

Have you had an interest in Multisensory Environments but don't know where to start?  Southpaw would like to introduce their new Sens-Aura Multisensory product line by inviting all interested to our office in Dayton to see our Multisensory Room.   Tom Marshall, product manager for the Sens-Aura line, will demonstrate all of the products in the Multisensory Room and provide information to get help you design a room that meets the needs of your students, clients and staff.

Multisensory Environments have been shown to help with Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Developmental Disabilities, Mental Illness, Pain, Palliative Care, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury and Wellness.

Who should attend?  OT's, PT's, Special Education Teachers, SLP's, Recreational Therapists, Administrators and parents.

To register for the Open House email  Please pre-register so we can have enough materials and not overcrowd the session.

Upcoming dates for the Open House are:
Thursday November 4th
Thursday November 18th

Can't make one of these dates?  We are in the process of developing online training and demonstration sessions that you can view on your computer.  To schedule a session, email

Do you have a room and want to get the most out of it?  Tom is available for training your staff on equipment and client protocols.