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Outdoor Full Body Swing by Southpaw

Southpaw Outdoor Full Body Swing

Your clients can have as much fun outdoors as they have inside with our Outdoor Full Body Swing. We've brought you lots of swings and other vestibular products over the years, but they've all been for indoor clinics, classrooms and homes. Now, we've decided to branch out and make some swings that can be hung on standard galvanized steel. This large swing will accommodate children to small adults in a seated or prone position.
For more information on the Outdoor Full Body Swing, click here.
Southpaw Outdoor Upright Swing

Southpaw Outdoor Upright SwingThis swing will give just as much enjoyment as our Full Body Swing while your client sits in a standard swinging position.
It has a 15" wide seat that is attached by zippered flaps to the aluminum frame. You can drop the front flap for entry, or put your client in from the top. Four coated steel cables support the swing, ending in chain link for attachment to an outdoor swing frame.
For more information on Southpaw's Outdoor Upright Swing, click here.
Deanna MacioleSwinging Into Fun 
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L
With the arrival of Spring and warmer weather, you can drive past any playground and find the equipment covered with little bodies climbing, sliding and swinging - enjoying the fact they are finally outside.  Most of us have discovered that playgrounds come in all shapes and sizes, and that no two of them are exactly the same. So, you can pretty much find something to interest any child.   However, for our children that demonstrate sensory difficulties, decreased motor skills, or motor planning concerns, you may find that they try to avoid the playground.  These are the children you see walking the perimeter watching the other children as they climb and slide, or the ones who often sit at the edge playing with sticks and pebbles.
So the question is how do we enable these children to get the most out of a playground? Playgrounds themselves offer an all encompassing sensory and therapeutic experience by providing vestibular, proprioceptive, auditory, and tactile play.  To help achieve this, Southpaw has recently introduced a new line of outdoor swings. They have found that that the standard equipment found at playgrounds does not always cater to the children we live or work with on a daily basis, and therefore developed the Full Body Swing and the Outdoor Upright Swing.
The Full Body Swing offers linear movement while a child feels safe sitting or lying inside the bucket of the swing.  It allows the whole body to be inside a space and not have anything hanging out in the open air.  This helps a child feel secure and safe, allowing him or her to enjoy swinging with ease.  This is very beneficial for those children with lower tone and decreased trunk stability needed for a standard swing.  In addition, it helps with giving them a good sense of body awareness.

The Outdoor Upright Swing is designed similar to a standard toddler swing, but allows any child the ability to enjoy a more standard swinging experience, while giving them overall body support.  Unlike the Full Body Swing, it allows their legs to hang out, challenging their body awareness.  In addition, the surrounding frame allows individuals the stability to hold in a variety of ways.

Besides the new Southpaw swings, other strategies to help children get the most out of their playground experiences include making sure you choose the best time of day to visit.  If your child is over-stimulated, it is best to visit when there is less of a crowd.  This will enable your child to try out the equipment without getting trampled over.  In addition, make sure it is a space where your child feels safe.  For some, that may mean that the playground itself is contained in a fenced in area. Pay attention to your behaviors, making sure that you are not pushing your child to do things he or she may be very uncomfortable with, but encourage your child to at least try out the equipment.  Partaking in this experience is the most beneficial.  Getting on the swing or sliding down the slide with them helps them feel safe and may take away some of their anxieties.  In addition, try and scope out different playgrounds.  Find a place that will allow your child the "just right" challenge, and watch them soar.
AOTA 90th Annual Conference & ExpoAOTA's 90th Annual Conference and Expo
This year the Orlando Convention Center hosts the AOTA's 90th Conference and Expo.  Southpaw will be introducing several new products at the conference.  Be sure to stop by our booth while you are there and see what we've been working on!
For information about AOTA's Annual Conference, click here.  Southpaw will be in Booth #501, right inside the main entrance. 

Warning Regarding Imitation Southpaw Products

It has come to our attention that other companies have been replicating and selling imitation Southpaw products. Since quality and safety is of the utmost importance to us and to our customers, we want you to be aware of this situation. When purchasing Southpaw products from someone other than a Southpaw Enterprises representative directly or through our website, please verify with the person you are speaking with that you will be receiving authentic Southpaw products. 
If you have any questions or concerns about a product you are interested in purchasing, please call our customer service line at 800-228-1698.