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Southpaw Bean Bag Toss 

Southpaw Beanbag Toss Game
Let your kids have fun while working on hand/eye coordination and range of motion with these two new Beanbag Toss Games.  Our Circle Toss has 5 targets in two different sizes. Add numbered decals that denote the number of points you score for each target.

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Southpaw Floor Ladder

Southpaw Floor Ladder
We designed this new Floor Ladder in response to a teacher's request for a low profile ladder that her kids with mobility problems wouldn't trip on. Our Floor Ladder is 17" wide x 10 ft. long, and only 3/4" high.

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Deanna MacioleSouthpaw's New Sensory Rover Moves Treatments to New Levels 
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L
For those of us who have the opportunity to work with clients or have our family members who receive sensory treatment in a clinic based setting, we may take for granted all the equipment and tools that are used to help them gain regulation and stimulation.  But for those who perform or receive services in the home, school setting, or clinics that have a lack of equipment, it is left up to the therapist to use his or her own creativity and various resources to try and meet the needs of the clients.
Southpaw has recently taken a step outside of the box and created the Sensory Rover.  This piece of equipment brings all the benefits of a sensory room to the clients.  Sensory rooms have been shown to benefit clients of all ages who suffer from sensory processing issues, including those diagnosed with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and mental health issues, just to name a few.  No longer can the constraints of lack of space or budgets be the sole reason for not having the ability to offer these resources to those clients who would truly benefit from a multisensory room.  Sensory rooms are designed with specific pieces of equipment that attempt to provide both a stimulating and calming effect on clients.   Sensory rooms encompass equipment that provides a variety of sensory inputs, including tactile, olfactory, auditory, and visual input.
The Sensory Rover is equipped with a 4-foot bubble tube and fiber optic spray, mirrored panels for a light display, a built-in AM/FM Radio/CD Player with auxiliary input for an MP3 player, and an aroma fan. In addition, a Solar Projector comes complete with two image wheels and a rotator.  This single piece of equipment provides sensory inputs that are found to be most effectively used as part of a multisensory room without requiring a designated space.  In addition, it makes it easy to transport the equipment in one trip and by one person.
Imagine a child diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy that has severe motor impairments.  The child is in a hospital waiting to have a have a series of tests completed and is very anxious.  As part of his therapy session prior to the tests, the Sensory Rover could be wheeled right into his hospital room and with a little music, lights and the bubble tube, the child becomes calm and less anxious, ready to have the tests performed.
Or a resident in a nursing home who has Alzheimer's and has been stuck in her "own world" for the last several months.  After a few therapy sessions with the Sensory Rover using the projector and music, she breaks out of her shell with a smile and begins to interact with the staff and residents.
In today's society, we tend to always be looking for ease and functionality.  Southpaw's Sensory Rover is great for the one stop therapy session. With this piece of equipment it allows therapists to provide a variety of clients with a combination of unique sensory treatments, reaching them in a whole new way.


 Southpaw Sensory Rover Video

Get a better look at Southpaw's new Sensory Rover by viewing this video taken at Dayton Children's Medical Center where the Rover is being used in the digital imaging area. 

Southpaw Scratch & Dent

We have an always changing list of scratch and dent items available for sale. All items are free of defects, but may have some minor cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the usability of the product.

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