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Southpaw Steamroller RampNew Product Spotlight -
Southpaw Steamroller Ramp 
Our new ramp offers your clients sensory stimulation, heavy work, and a whole lot of fun! We've taken 10 of the steamroller rollers and attached them to 86" long wooden side panels. The side panels are hooked at one end so they can fit over the rungs of the platform. The ramp adjusts to six different heights on the platform, offering varied challenges to meet each child's capabilities. An optional rope with built-in loop may be used for heavy work, such as pulling oneself to the top of the ramp.

The platform for the steamroller ramp is a stand-alone item, consisting of two six-rung ladders connected to a solid wooden top. The children climb up the back rungs, crawl or walk across the platform, sit at the top of the ramp and away they go!
The steamroller ramp may also be used as part of the Southpaw In-FUN-ity System.
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Southpaw Steamroller Ramp
Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Foundation Visits Guatemala
COTI - Guatemala Trip

Recently, several occupational therapists from the Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute visited two schools in the ghetto of La Limonada in Guatemala City.  The ghetto is built in a ravine that was created by an earthquake and since there are no roads that can accommodate cars, residents must walk down the slope of the ravine down concrete paths lined by makeshift homes to get to this part of city.  The 2 schools meet the needs of several hundred of the 40,000 children that live in the ravine.  The schools make sure that the children get one nutritious meal each day, along with teaching academic subjects. 
This was the second trip to Guatemala by the therapists from the foundation.  This visit was to continue the training of the teachers in principles of child development and sensory integration.  Southpaw Enterprises supplied suspension equipment and swings that will be used for working with children who have difficulties participating in regular classroom activities.
COTI - Guatemala Trip
We would like to thank Deborah Whitcomb and the occupational therapists from the Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Foundation for their outstanding work in working with these schools to help their children have a better experience in the classroom.  You can visit the COTI online at

Pictured Below - President Deborah Whitcomb, working with the children during their visit. 
 COTI - Guatemala Trip         COTI - Guatemala Trip

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