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Five Points South has a Story to Tell!
Five Points South Fountain

Five Points South Fountain is a treasure by local artist, Frank Fleming  

Illustrated by Bob Moody, 2011


"Good ideas are cheap!"  And Five Points South has benefited from lots of ideas.  (Click HERE to see a few that never happened.) This iconic fountain in Five Points South was a good idea - commissioned by the Birmingham Art Association in 1985 and finally dedicated in 1991.  A plaque dedicating the bronze sculpture reads:

"The Storyteller
 Frank Fleming, artist
 Born Bear Creek, Alabama, 1940
 Collection of the Birmingham Museum of Art
 Storytelling is a deeply rooted southern heritage. The animals are listening
 to a story intended to convey the idea of a peaceable kingdom.
 Fleming's deep respect for the dignity and honesty found in nature
 is symbolized in these figures."


The story of Five Points South has changed several times since the 1970's.  After "The Little Bomber" became "Joe Bar" (in the now vacant location on the circle), it underwent a transformation from a residential crossroads with service industries like Woolworth's, Piggly Wiggly, Plainclothes, and The Emily Shop,  to a food destination with Highlands, Chez Fon Fon, Hot 'N Hot Fish Club, Surin's,
The Original Pancake House, and Jim 'N Nicks among lots of others.  Grand houses lining Highland Avenue were replaced with multi-family residences and offices.

Neighborhoods evolve and a "phoenix can rise from a fire".   So we tend to view vacant spaces as having new potential and evolving neighborhoods as investment opportunities. 

So is Birmingham disappearing Or is it re-inventing itself? Birmingham has so much to love!  Where do you see potential?


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