Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks be to God for an anonymous donor that has given a large pledge to Sweeten Life. Their goal is to assist us to help expand the dynamic and life changing work in the former USSR-Russia.

Every dollar you donate to us for supporting Life Route before the end of 2011 will be doubled. The funds will allow us to expand the nation changing impact by making and deploying more Spirit Filled Disciples.

Steve and I were in Moscow during Thanksgiving one year and Galina's sister Irene asked us to share with her entire school the history of Thanksgiving. She said, "Any nation that calls a national holiday to thank God will surely prosper. Pray that Russia will learn from America how to gain God's blessings."

We are thankful to God for all His bounty and for you, our supporters. Our ministry is growing and we are getting wonderfully supportive feedback from the churches and families we serve. God can use us to heal America and touch the nations. 

My recent telephone conversation with our team leader in Russia thrilled me and filled me with great anticipation for what God is going to do to redeem and heal the families crushed by the Communists.


Send your donation!

Your most generous donation will be matched 100% with no limit on how much you give so hurry up and write that check so it will be matched this year. Suggested giving levels are $1000___ $500___ $100___ Other____. Send it to Sweeten Life Systems, P.O. Box 498455 Cincinnati, Ohio 45249


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For our most recent newsletter article about Life Route click here.  Our online communication regarding this ministry must be brief for political reasons, but I would love to talk to you personally regarding the specific work that God is doing through Life Route.  Feel free to call me at 513.300.5065 to ask any questions.   


Thanksgiving Blessings to you and your family,


Gary Sweeten

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