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September 2011  


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Our mission is to help you build a lifetime of healthy relationships.  SweetenLife has many resources that will help you do just that.  Tune into to the SweetenLife YouTube Channel to learn important skills for improving your relationships with those you love.  Our feature video this month is Skills for Happy Living by Dr. Gary Sweeten.


Joni and Friends Summit a Success Gary and Debra PetermannLisa Brown

The SweetenLife team made many new friends and learned much at the Joni and Friends Through The Roof Summit at Cedarville College.  One of many ministries of Joni and Friends is helping churches develop ministries to reach out to people with disabilities.  SweetenLife is partnering with Debra Petermann and Lisa Brown to help their affiliate churches better understand the whole family and connect with them.    


Watch the SweetenLife summit presentations below:






Presentations are brought to you by boxcast.    

Register Now for October Pampering the Parents

Are you a parent or caregiver of a child who has special Pampering Discussion Timeneeds? If so, we hope you will join us for a night of fun, relaxation, information and support. Our goal is for you to leave feeling refreshed, encouraged and better able to deal with difficulties in life. more 

What is a System's Approach to Helping People?
By Dr. Gary Sweeten, LPCC (Retired)Family System

In Graduate School for Counseling the focus was on teaching me and other students to be very good Helpers for an individual with a mental, emotional, or relational  problem. The root cause of all problems was seen to lie deep within that individual. I was supposed to be an expert who found the root, and deftly told them how to resolve it. more 


We need your generous support to continue building Healthy Relationships with God, self and others. Sweeten Life Systems is a 501c3 Charity registered under the IRS Tax Code and we always give our contributors a receipt.  Go to www.sweetenlife.com and select donate or send a check to Sweeten Life Systems, P.O. Box 498455, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249.

Call Dr. Gary Sweeten @ 513-300-5065 to discuss specific ways to help us help others in estate planning, wills, stocks and bonds, etc.VIP logo


The Sweeten Life Team   


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