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July 2011:  Special Global Edition 


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  Norway cathedral 

As you may know, we have been deeply involved with the Norwegian people since 1986. I have personally traveled to many parts of Norway and know hundreds of Christian leaders from the various churches. Some of my best memories as a Christian and as a person occurred there and some of my warmest, closest friends are Norwegians.  I have spoken with Jens-Petter and will continue to be in touch with him and others through this difficult time.  

It is beyond belief that such an evil thing would happen in that country of such beautiful natural and human resources.  Unlike the USA, I have known only one Norwegian to own a gun, let alone use one in anger. more 

LifewayIt is Time to Seek God's Leadership

During this time of our own national financial crisis and the Norwegian tragedy, it is a great time to focus on the importance of prayer and other spiritual disciplines. Join us on August 8th as I share my insights on hearing God through prayer and other spiritual disciplines. Don't let the term "DISCIPLINE" scare you away. I promise it will be a dynamic and insightful evening where you will get to actually practice seeking God and hearing His voice.   


For cost and more details about the workshop go to Gary's blog 


Monday, August 8, 7:00-8:30 at the Life Way Counseling Center at 11161 Kenwood Road. Go to for directions.  

Christian Leaders in Norway

Dagfinn Hoybroten, a dear friend and former speaker at a Sweeten Life conference for Seasoned Believers, is the leader of the Christian Democrat Party. He recently wrote to the heads of Young Life in Norway and said:

"We are trying to support our leaders as best as we can. We are a small nation and a big family. So we are all involved some way. Jorunn and I just came home from our local church. Packed with young people crying, lighting candles, praying. I think that is also the best you can do. Pray for these young people returning home. And for the nation to turn to God at this time of crises.

Thankfully, the Christians in Norway really understand the need for healing prayers. Let us join with them in intercession.


Good News From Russia
Galina and Gary for July 2011I spoke with Galina for an hour recently and she is excited to see their ministry growing and expanding all over the place. She is also eager to have our VIP Family materials translated into Russian for her families. Under Communism, families who had a child with a special need were actually persecuted and scorned. Such families were visible examples of the failures of the Socialist system.


It was prayer that brought Galina to Christ as a ten year old child.  Keep praying for all the Believers in Russia. They desperately need the strength of God to stay strong.


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