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June 2011


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What Are You Communicating?

I did not say you were ugly

I did not say you were ugly

I did not say you were ugly

I did not say you were ugly

I did not say you were ugly

I did not say you were ugly

The way we place the em-pha-sis on certain syllables or words communicates more than the actual content of the sentence. This is why interpersonal communication can be tricky and miscommunication is easy.

16. Non-Verbal Communication


Take a look at this video on our new YouTube channel and then finish reading the article about another common issue I have seen in counseling over the years.


One time I was trying to help a couple at my church deal with conflict. We were sitting in my office discussing why the wife distrusted her husband so. Then it happened. more

Register now for Pampering the Parents Todd and Krysta 

The first Pampreing the Parents night was a huge success and the next one will be July 15th. 


Are you a parent or caregiver of a child who has special needs? If so, we have a special night planned for you. Sweeten Life, through the Village Initiative With Parents, is hosting a night of relaxation, information and support for you. Come enjoy a nice dinner and listen to Dr. Sweeten share his unique insights on practical skills to use in developing great relationships within your family. Our goal is for you to leave feeling refreshed, encouraged and better able to deal with difficulties in life. more 


Good News (and some not so good news) from Russia!

Do you remember the jokes a few years ago about good news and bad news? I like the one where a pilot comes on the intercom and says, "I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, we have been hijacked. The good news is he wants to go to Disney World!"

The good news is really good. Galina, our Russian friend, is learning to drive.  more

Volunteers are Needed 

Do you have  extensive experience in: 

  • website development and hosting
  • audio visual recording and editing
  • social media, communications

    Sweeten Life hopes to develop a team of specialist who can help us move into the next phase of technology


    Are you one of many people who have been trained in Sweeten Life Systems' relationship building principles such as Apples of Gold and Listening for Heaven's Sake?  Do you use this knowledge and understanding of healthy emotional living in your work, ministry, or everyday life?  If so, we would like to talk to you about your success in using these principles and how we might partner with you.


    For more information, please contact Andrea at 513-378-5209 or

  • We need your generous support to continue building Great Relationships with God, self and others. Sweeten Life Systems is a 501c3 Charity registered under the IRS Tax Code and we always give our contributors a receipt.  Go to and select donate or send a check to Sweeten Life Systems, P.O. Box 498455, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249.

    Call Dr. Gary Sweeten @ 513-300-5065 to discuss specific ways to help us help others in estate planning, wills, stocks and bonds, etc.



    The Sweeten Life Team