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April 2011


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 We are now developing new materials and seminars for the Village Initiative With Parents (VIP).  Please take just a few minutes to complete a short survey on 12 topics we are considering. click here.


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Have you ever reached a point when the stresses and pressures are just too much? How did you react when the pressure cooker had too much steam in it? Did you quietly stew? Did you smile and grit your teeth? Did you go ballistic and shoot straight up? One of the favorite ways that "nice people" handle these events is to clam up and then think of what they "should have said" for the next day or two. more

"Where is the church when we desperately need support and prayer?
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During our yearlong research study with parents of children with a special need, we asked them to describe their greatest needs and concerns. We were surprised that they identified practical jobs, prayer and caring relationships. These families are largely isolated, forgotten and spiritually alone.  They asked us:

"Where is the church when we desperately need support and prayer?  We have dropped off the radar screen of our Pastors and Christian friends when we really need them most."

Any family with a disabled member needs the support of friends and the church, school and medical personnel. We were shocked to find just how much these families have been neglected.  more

Taking Corrective Action


We have shared our results with educators, clergy and medical personnel, and many verified it. Now we are going to work to repair attitudes and mobilize interested individuals and organizations to end the parent isolation. It is not too late to change.  We have already taken some small but important steps to make a difference.  more

Volunteers are Needed 

Do you have  extensive experience in : 

  • website development and hosting,
  • audio visual recording and editing
  • social media, communications, writing
  • teaching

    Sweeten Life hopes to develop a team of specialist who can help us move into the next phase of technology


    Are you one of many people who have been trained in Sweeten Life Systems' relationship building principles such as Apples of Gold and Listening for Heaven's Sake?  Do you use this knowledge and understanding of healthy emotional living in your work, ministry, or everyday life?  If so, we would like to talk to you about your success in using these principles and how we might partner with you.


    For more information, please contact Andrea at 513-378-5209 or

  • Estate Planning


    Gary recently attended a great seminar on how to do estate planning when you have a child with a serious disability. Estate planning is always complex but when parents are planning to provide for a dependent child who will likely live much longer than them, the issues get even more complicated. The seminar was put on by Essex & Associates, Inc. near Dayton. The teacher was Bob Caperna, with New York Life, a parent of a special needs child with many contacts in the Christian community. Call him at 937-470-0046 for services.


    If you think it is important to equip churches, community organizations and caring individuals how to compassionately reach out and support persons with disabilities and those who love them, you will want to help us. SLS uniquely integrates, research about the felt needs of the people in need with their strengths, best practices and desire to help themselves to train wise mentors and coaches how to better build great relationships with God, themselves and their neighbors.

    We need your generous support to continue building Great Relationships with God, self and others. Sweeten Life Systems is a 501c3 Charity registered under the IRS Tax Code and we always give our contributors a receipt.  Go to and hit donate or send a check to Sweeten Life Systems, P.O. Box 498455, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249.

    Call Dr. Gary Sweeten @ 513-300-5065 to discuss specific ways to help us help others in estate planning, wills, stocks and bonds, etc.



    The Sweeten Life Team