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February 2011

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Stop Hitchhiking in Russia
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I trust that this newsletter finds you well.  The world is in turmoil as God's hand is stirring the people of the world and dictators, presidents, and governments crumble. Please pray with me that God will provide an umbrella of protection for missionaries and Christian workers in Russia, Egypt and the Middle East.  We have been training Christian Leaders in these hot spots for decades and we are concerned about their safety. 

alcoholism in russiaOur teams continually bring hope, healing and changed hearts

to churches in many nations. Today, I am asking you to help us strengthen our partner Liferoute, a remarkable ministry in Russia,
 so they can more effectively minister to the broken hearted.

Stop Hitchhiking in Russia

Russia is a very difficult place to share the good news. They supposedly have "Freedom of Religion", but government presses Believers in many ways. One large Moscow congregation has no heat, no electricity and no water because they cannot get a permit to complete the church building. Liferoute is training and supporting Christian leaders anyway.  Russians are a hardy bunch that does not give in easily to persecution. Because they do not own a car, the LifeRoute team makes their way around Moscow by hitchhiking to the nearest train. 

Can you imagine how Galina and I look as we stand on the street with our thumbs out to get a ride to do ministry? The head of a seminary asked us to train students in nine Bible schools, so we headed out for their campus across town.

Gary and Galina in Russia
Galina and Gary in the cold Russian winter

First, four of us rode the train for almost an hour to a suburb near Moscow.  After a great discussion, we headed back to Moscow. We stood on the roadway in freezing weather for a half hour before a man stopped, crammed us into the rickety, little, old, unheated vehicle and took us back to the train station.  Imagine how much ministry time is wasted that way. It summarizes the daily life of Galina and her team that must hitch rides all over Moscow. 

For about $15,000.00 we can buy a car to make their ministry travel effective and efficient. We already have over $4000 in donations.  Won't you act now by sending a donation to: STOP RUSSIANHITCH HIKING? Sweeten Life Systems, P.0. Box 498455, Cincinnati, OH 45242 or online

More history on Russia and LifeRoute 

Power ThinkingLight Bulb

Taking charge of your mind can lead to new habits of thinking and a new sense of peace.  One of our Foundational Equipping classes helps believers apply a well known passage of scripture. I grew up in a church that believed in the Bible from Genesis to maps and that included the index for some. But we all had a problem; none of us knew how to apply the biblical principles in real life.  Read On
Village Innovation Project Update

Life Skills Logo

One of our top priorities this year is to partner with churches that are committed to equipping lay members so they can effectively minister to families with special needs.  Read On

Thanks for your continued interest and support.  We are blessed to know that we can call you friends.


The Sweeten Life Team