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Volume 1, Issue 1
Russian Family Healing
The Healing Continues Daily in RussiaAugust 2010

Sweeten Life Systems and our former ministries with other names have been laboring among the Russian people (Eastern Bloc) and providing a western support structure for them since 1991. However, we have not had the resources to keep our supporters informed about the work there. With this newsletter we are launching an occasional newsletter designed to keep you up to date on what is happening behind the former Iron Curtain.  Your comments and support are strongly desired.
Because of the oppressive attitudes of some current governments and to protect the identities of our friends, we ask you NOT to republish this information on the internet.
Gary Sweeten, Publisher
Andrea Bowsher, Editor 
Edwar, Marina, Igor and Bishop Yevgeny, Christian Leaders at Liferoute training in Moscow
Key Leaders
Galina Must Hitchhike to Do Ministry

For many years we in the West were at war with the Soviet Union, a powerful military might but a pitiful domestic nation. The US won that war by growing in strength and might militarily and economically. In the late Eighties the USSR collapsed under the weight of Socialism, inefficiency and corruption and from fighting God.
During a ministry visit to Norway in 1989 I spoke with a friend that was on the board of the Norwegian Bible Society.  He said that the USSR had asked the Bible Society to print Bibles in Russian for the Soviets to distribute.  This shocked them greatly. Why would an atheist nation ask for Bibles?
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Anna wears respirator in hopes of relief from smog in Moscow
Anya in smog
Anna Chentsova Tries to Find Relief from the Smoke in Moscow
We recently received an email from Anya, one of our ministry leaders in Moscow.  She writes, "Visibility is near zero, the smell is awful. Hospitals don't have air conditioning, so if you get there with the heart disease, or breathing problems, you will most likely die.  Death rates have grown at least three times in Moscow, the morgues can't cope and have to keep the bodies standing on end. Authorities denied this at first, but the truth got through via Internet bloggers, so they had to admit it after that. 
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Gary and Galina teaching at a workshop in Moscow
Workshop Helps Alexia Experience God's Peace
The young woman of thirty or so looked sad and upset. She was one of the prettiest women I had met in Moscow but her natural beauty was covered over by dark circles under her eyes and an inability to look at me or smile.  I was visiting the Liferoute Team in their tiny office located in an old, beaten "Palace of Culture". It is located not too far from the Metro and had seen better days.  It is an expensive property even if it looks as though it needs to be condemned.  read more
In This Issue
Galina Must Hitchhick to Do MInistry
LifeRoute Team is Affected by Fires in Russia
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