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June 2009:
Volume 2, Issue 1
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It Takes a Whole Village
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Seasoned Believers
Save the Date - August 29
EMI Homecoming
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We are at the beginning of a new fiscal year for Sweeten Life Systems™ (SLS). It's a time for reflection and a time to look ahead.
SLS continues my life's work to provide the training and resources that enable the church and individual Christians to create "A Lifetime of Great Relationships." This remains my great passion and my great joy. At SLS, we are finding opportunities in many areas to continue and to build on this goal. In this newsletter, I will tell you about some of them.
It Takes a Whole Village
In early 2009, SLS launched a research project that we expect to use to identify potential support systems for families with children that have special needs. We call the project "It Takes a Whole Village" as a reminder that all are needed to create community.
We invite you to support this groundbreaking work through your prayers and donations.   Click here for the rest of the story
Sweeten Life Systems Around the World
Our friend, Galina Chentsova continues to bring the SLS approach to "A Lifetime of Great Relationships" to Russia. For those who are not familiar with Galina's work, she came to Cincinnati in the 1990s, studied medicine at a local hospital for several months and attended peer helper training events. Using those experiences, she returned to Russia and established Teleios Moscow, now called Liferoute. Click here for more info

Recently, Galina sent me an email describing some of the Liferoute's accomplishments. Click here for Galina's update
Seasoned Believers and the Significance Center
One of my dreams for SLS is to help Seasoned Believers discover how to use their varied gifts to serve others and advance the Kingdom of God. One tool we are using is the Significance Center. For our programs at the Significance Center, we invite Seasoned thought leaders in business, the arts, religion, and healing to come together for several days as a community to have discussions and present papers. This community, we expect, will encourage our Seasoned Believers to use their sometimes buried, undiscovered gifts in service to the world.
To read more about Seasoned Believers, click here.
To read more about the Significance Center, click here.
Save the Date - August 29, 2009
Marriage Mentor Training
On Saturday, August 29, Sweeten Life Systems is offering an all day training session for pastors, lay leaders, and couples interested in becoming a Marriage Mentor. It will include lunch and all materials. You will learn the Three C's of a happy marriage: Communication; Commitment and Conflict Management.
EMI Homecoming
On Friday October 2, 2009, I will be honored at the Equipping Ministries International (EMI) Homecoming Awards Banquet at the Marriot Kingsgate, 151 Goodman Drive on the University of Cincinnati Campus. Even though I am the "honored guest," the main purpose of this event will be to re-connect (and connect anew) with those who use, teach, and benefit from the relationship-building tools we have developed over the years.
Support Sweeten Life systems
Our work is a story of collaboration and community. Your donation to SLS will help support our training ministries in Russia and the former USSR as well as our work with special needs families and the ways we train and give pro bono assistance to ministers, missionaries and key Para Church leaders.

To support Gary and the team you can:


Mail your donation to:  Sweeten Life Systems, P. O. Box 498455, Cincinnati, OH 45249. For more information contact us at 513.744.4626 or gary@sweetenlife.com.

Gary Sweeten
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