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I hope you are all finding some time to enjoy your summer and some outdoor time with your families.

I would like to share the following inspirational fitness report that was written by one of our trainers Deana Bonafiglia. The clients are two wonderful people who I have the good fortune of calling Mom and Dad.

When I started my business all those years ago, my parents, besides being very supportive, were my art department, provided all my printing needs and taught me what I needed to know about starting a business.

I was thrilled when Deana was able to share her talents with my parents and finally send them a trainer after so many years. They were too busy working until just a few short years ago.

They continue to inspire me.

Best Wishes,




Fitness Through the Life Span
by Deana Maria Bonafiglia

Children don't worry about growing old, losing their strength, their executive functioning, their memory, or their ability to heal and recover. Children play. They laugh. They live in the moment. Mom and Dad worry. They want their children to have every opportunity available; for them to be safe and healthy, and always feel loved and nurtured. At some point through the passage of time, however, these roles reverse, and the children become the worriers for their aging parents' well-being.

Choosing the proper care for an aging parent is surely a challenging process of which many factors are considered. One factor is the significant role that movement and fitness play in the potential for improved quality of life for the aging. Without movement there is no life. If breath did not flow through the body, we would not be alive. If blood did not flow through our veins our organs would not be nourished. If the spine is not kept alive with movements such as forward and backward bending, side flexions, and twisting, the fluids that provide the execution of many bodily processes would become stagnant. The experience of our humanness is housed in our bodies, our only real home, so taking care of ourselves with fitness and movement is one of the most important aspects of a Life Lived.

Shirley and Elliott Porte with DeanaI have the blessed pleasure to work with two of the most amazing people ever! Their names are Shirley and Elliott Porte. She was an Opera singer, leader of many charities, business woman and he an artist of many talents. Although they are both at a mature age, they still are enjoying their lives as best as their health allows them. Every Monday I arrive at their home with a fresh smile on my face, completely prepared to entertain Elliott's insistence that he doesn't have the energy to 'do this' today. Eventually, with very little coaxing, he surrenders to my insistence that he certainly does, and with a bright smile on his face we begin to breath together. Elliott inhales as he lifts his arms and exhales as they fall back down to his side. After only a few repetitions of this, he becomes fascinated with coordinating his breath with his movement. It's wonderful to witness him getting deeply involved in keeping his breath connected with each repetition.

Shirley loves long necklaces and has on a different one every week. Her nails and toes are always done, and I enjoy her stories of high heals and Atlantic City. We begin our sessions with breathing exercises, and Shirley is always willing to try a new flavor of breathing techniques. Shirley has all her wits about her, and is very interested in how many reps we will be doing and counts to be sure she has done them all, no more, no less. Every once in a while she gives herself a few extra reps of her own volition, and I smile.

The Porte's enjoy their 5 minute shoulder massage at the end of each session. They feel relaxed and peaceful as I release some of their stored tensions. No matter how reluctant each was at the beginning of their session, at the completion they are always feeling more open and fresh. This validates for me why I do what I do. Stagnancy at any age is deadening, but especially in old age, when one can't fully perform those activities they always enjoyed in their youth. Shirley and Elliott are an example of how significant fitness is for all ages.

Deana Maria Bonafiglia is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, certified Fitness Trainer and a Holistic Health Counselor.

WHO Let the dogs out?!!!
From Katrina Phillip
Certified Personal Trainer

Take the dogs out for a power walk/jog/run!  Then give them a hose down!Kiwi

Happy Summer everyone, hope you are enjoying the sunny sweat-filled weather.

Nothing better to enjoy the rays & fitness than with your furry friends.

This summer I suggest, either before or after work, put on those gym shoes, tank, shorts, get your pet, 2 nice sized cool Water bottles, and head out for a 30-60 minute power walk/jog/run with them.

Place one water bottle in each hand- this will work your upper body nicely as you swing those arms.  ALSO, when you feel the need to hydrate, or your pal is in need of some H2O you got some "on hand!"  After you have finished, if you have any water left in your water bottles, pour the remaining liquid on you or your dog!  YOU DESERVE IT!  Call it a pre-shower if you will.

Don't worry, if you don't have a dog, take that power walk with a human friend.

Take care!  And remember, a workout shouldn't really be work, but fun-filled instead!


Don't Forget!!!

Energetics is here all summer for your adult workouts,  family workouts, and workouts for your children and teens to live a more fun and active lifestyle.

The parks in the City are perfect places to enjoy a session in the summer sun. This is a perfect time of the year to try out a family session, too!

For more info, please contact Bonita by phone or email, and remember:

Have fun and keep moving!!!

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- Charlie,
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"Energetics was able to integrate Occupational Therapy ideas into fun, age-appropriate activities. Energetics provided Alex with gross motor activities that were both fun and therapeutic at the same time. He can now move his body in a more powerful way."
Lori N.Rothman,Pediatric Occupational Therapist, New York City

"Energetic Juniors is an  oustanding service to kids all over the New York City area.  Thanks  to their highly skilled personal trainers, children learn to engage in physical activity while having fun!" Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., Author

"I was so pleased with Michael's progress report that I forwarded it on to his school administrators. We are so pleased with the changes in such a short time. Thank you, thank you. I'm thrilled my son can see his toes again."
- Michael 's Mom

"Energetic Juniors is a great program for athletes as well as non-athletes. The staff creates a fun, energetic, and lively atmosphere. Each child's goal is met in terms of physical fitness and activity. I strongly recommend the program for individuals or groups."
-Dr. Eric Small,chair of the Council of Sports Medicine and Fitness for the American Academy of Pediatrics