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Note: Just as I was about to send I added about 14 new dealers from your downlines so if you get this not knowing where it's from - it's your AMSOIL upline!!

Now coming to the end of what AMSOIL calls the slowest month, local sales have been quite good in the store. One key to an Amsoil Dealer store is having additional products to bring more to your counter. I have been using our propane refilling service. Running ads for $13.00 for a 20 pound refill has really done the job! And now I am adding motorcycle sales and apparel.

Daily Tips and forum:
Please be sure to join my facebook AMSOIL page. I post anything related to dealer tips, training and customer service. Much more than what would be possible for this newsletter. Use the tips for your own AMSOIL social Media sales page. Rest knowing your downline have another daily live channel for help. Send me yours as well!
Use this link

I'm hoping to see many more of you at AMSOIL's 40th Anniversary event next July. There will be plenty of surprises and announcements to occur but go mainly to mingle with other dealers from all over the US and Canada. Be sure to schedule an extra day too do some sightseeing. Duluth is the #1 tourist attraction in the state of MN. In budgeting consider the hotel rates are low including split suites and Al covers most the meals in your registration.

Before getting to the core subject, Dave Meyer (Amsoil Distribution head) called me back about OE Drum Stock in Arlington, TX (Dallas DC). Across the country the supply is constantly being outpaced by demand so you must put the order in advanced through telephone ordering. Dave did increase the local allocations though. Then somehow we started talking about my store. He told me at one of their board meetings he recommended making available a franchise store. They didn't like it.. But he was pleasantly surprised to hear I sort of had my own version.

Just think of what these fully stocked AMSOIL stores would do to sales across the country. The biggest issue for me as a dealer was not having a retail account who was fully knowledgeable on the products. The other thing which irked me often were customer remarks how before reaching me on the phone they tried 6 other dealer phone #'s only to reach a questionable answering machine, no call backs or product needed not in stock.
So, if there is anything I would rather do than anything else (besides a vacation) that would be to help you at least plan toward your own AMSOIL store!! And/or come up here for training any time as well. I also call this store the Dealer Training Center as there is more to learn here than AMSOIL U for much less!!

I'll generally move these bypass kits within 2-months. I ship from here to save the customer the sales tax. They always return for filters and oil. Great gig!

Lastly - Please review the words "From the Presidents Desk" in the June 2012 Amsoil Magazine. Fantastic to print out for your customer to see just WHY Amsoil is in business. A copy is linked at the end of this newsletter for you to save and print.


AMSOIL for Polaris ATVs

Write these allocations down so you have them when you need them! Polaris has many oil and lubricant proprietary names they use to confuse. If you read Al's comments in this month's (August) Amsoil Magazine you saw how they even modified the engine to skew results.

As AMSOIL published last year (Linked here for your use!!) a write-up showing their 2W50 was nothing more than a fraud viscosity which shortly sheered down to a 40WT oil.  So for customers asking about that one you could use that article to suggest the AFF 0W40. I called Tech Services to discuss it more throughly and yes, the quality of their product remains sub-par.

In Polaris ATV owners Manuals you may find the following requirements. Below lists our replacement product.

Hub - Demand Drive - Use Low Viscosity ATL

Transmission (AGL) - Amsoil TCC Chaincase Oil

Rear Differential (Angle Drive) - Use Amsoil SVG 75W90.

Business & Sales Tips!

Have a large order for an account or want to save money on shipping but you don't have time to search the lowest price? Try Echo Logistics. WWW.ECHO.COM
They can quickly find a reasonable rate and schedule pick-up and delivery. Locally I have reduced my shipping costs even more. Today an 1800 pound shipment arrived from Duluth (454 miles) and my cost is down to $74.00. I may switch back to the company I had prior as I may have them convinced for an AMSOIL test. They have 100 trucks!

One Voice:
There are many areas of great information lost in the abyss of the Dealer Zone,,, But I do play around to seek them out. One I was pleasantly surprised to see updated is the Product One Voice (Training Materials section) - great answers to questions regarding new products.
I was most interested in the new Heavy Duty EAHD Oil Filters. Compare!
The popular Cummins ISX calls for the Donaldson Endurance ELF7900 which is $76 account price (98% at 15 microns nanofiber) and the premium P-Series which is a synthetic cellulose for $52 account price. The AMSOIL EAHD9000 are by far the best value at only $50.75. Models are as low as 29.50 for these popular replacements. This makes the EAHD the best value with the extended interval program. Yes, per my OTR truck driver dealer Ron Schramm who runs refrigerated truck loads from Sioux Falls to Houston weekly says most truckers buy the cheapest of anything they can get their hands on but if you have a story and can convey this information while handing over the details, you'll get them converted. Since I've opened this store I have been getting more curious truckers to stop in and chat. The easiest sale for me is the 50WT long life transmission gear lube.  The news is out!!

Oil Analysis Report Bank:
I'm starting an area on my website for Oil Analysis report storage. I pretty much have just started getting more of my customers to take oil samples and when I get a copy I will post them together. Stay tuned for the link but send me your copies. The more we have the more useful that bank will be for all of us. Amsoil does not share this data for obvious reasons but in our case we can just block out the personal information.
Oil Analysis is more than anything else a training tool which helps others understand how an oil can resist contaminants. Please read the home study guide titled:
Oil Analysis Fundamentals - A technical introduction to oil analysis. Discusses its advantages and its role as a sales tool. Covers what tests are performed and how to interpret oil analysis results. Found here using this link.

Wind Turbines:
Although the breakthrough wind turbine oil AMSOIL is selling is outside the realm of the dealer network, it's doing us a lot of good.  Here's what I enjoy telling my new customers: "One way I can explain how AMSOIL stands in the industry is via the thousands of wind turbines (We see them all over SD, IA and MN). To know that a major lubricant company such as Castrol couldn't get it right and that several service firms are not switching the generator gear boxes (hold 75 gallons) of each unit across the northern states with AMSOIL is impressive.
Apparently there was a sludging and separation problem resulting in costly damage, downtime and service calls. (Verified through a friend of mine and another who is servicing these units personally.)
It was AMSOIL's fluid power team who came up with the latest ATF and ATL which earns us so many testimonials, one can see why we are becoming the choice based on performance. Experience, additive knowledge and the ability to use state of the art products from other firms.
You as a dealer can be delighted to know that the profits from this and the international endeavors go right into the advertising budget and I would imagine to help offset rising costs through larger purchases. Another great recruitment tool.

The heart of my operation - I've used this second hand desk since 1997.

Gorilla Marketing and other older "Great" Amsoil U Presentations.
 As I posted recently in my dealer training facebook page, you can access a couple great presentations worthy of watching and passing along right off my website. Please visit this link for the Gorilla Marketing tips and others!

Here are the topics:

Gorilla Marketing - Awesome engaging material to get you in position to gain local market share! 

MEHF - Concepts for Amsoil AW Hydraulic Oils - This still stands true for 2012. The older AW versions meet this. Must know information on efficiency. 

Rear Differential wear/oil presentation. 

ASE Commercial 10W30/SAE 30 presentation. A great overview of a great seller - Keep this in stock now that you know how great it is! Saves fuel by a wide margin per my customers.  






Updated Custom Factoid Printouts for your Customers


Made from the AMSOIL Magazine - save and print for your customers!!  Hand em out!
Some contain Al's comments on the front and Dan Peterson's tech article on the reverse. Customers will remember you if you give them tips and Al's words show why AMSOIL is made to be the best and not just a typical price competitive product they can buy anywhere.


Document 1:  June - E15 approved & Amsoil Credibility  (Al's comments) 

Document 2: July - Auto and motorcycle oils different & Amsoil Growth  

Document 3: August - Demands on Diesel Oils & Powersports shenanigans  

Document 4: Racing is Research 

Document 5: Warranty Secure  


 Well I hope you got something from this edition! Thanks for reading and join that facebook page I linked at the top. Always review your Preferred Customer traffic and thank them for their business!

Ches Cain 

Reminders and Closing:

Dealer Shipping Rebate Schedule:
1-300 pounds = $0.10/lb
301 - 400 pounds = $0.20/lb
401 - 600 pounds = $0.18/lb
601 - 800 pounds = $0.12/lb
801 - 1600 pounds = $0.08/lb
1601 pounds and up = $0.04/lb
Above 300 pounds consider Freight Collect. $60 to $90 flat rates for full skids anywhere but rural areas.

Suggestion: Retail Accounts I rebate mine 100%
Commercial Accounts 0%
Use Freight Collect when AMSOIL's shipping is over $80 for better value!!

Remember to subscribe to the Premium Zone and use the Catalog Customer (CR) and Preferred Customer (PC) sales reports to your advantage. Thank them and let them know you are there. See new dealers deep within your downlines and send encouragement!

If you have not visited the "Secrete" dealer area on my site please call or email me for the login so you can absorb some of the 2010 & 2011 Amsoil U presentations. My getting started word document is also in that area.

I apologize for grammatical errors but it literally takes me weeks to finish one newsletter. Generally I am interrupted an average of 20 times per paragraph so you could imaging the frustration and focus needed to stay on track but this business works if you dare to work it so it's worth it!

Thanks for reading and pass along to your dealers and remind me to add your new ones!!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse