July, 2012
Welcome to The Synthetic Warehouse

Good afternoon! I wanted to send out a short news update but first welcome to all the new dealers who are seeing this for the first time. Welcome Toni Backdahl, Blair English, Doug Greenfield, Curtis McInnis, Ryan Refsdal and Ryamn Scaletti.
If you have signed a new dealer recently which I can't see please add them or send me the email.

I'm happy to see more dealers are now T1 Certified. I often get customer calls looking for a dealer in a town where I do have a dealer but they are not T1 Certified or they have not switched on their locater status. If you search your Personal Line of Sponsorship list, you can see if you or your downlines are set up correctly. If you see a T1 but no asterisk by it then they aren't showing up on the list. This means they didn't meet the criteria or they never switched it on for the locater. You can call the sales staff at Amsoil 715-392-7101 to see how to reset your status.

Check your locater settings using the account tab at the top right corner of the DZ. Also check your ROTS accounts to see if they are eligible and listed in the locater by hovering on the "Services" drop down menu then click on "Retail Account Administration". You will see a check box for ROTS/Installer/Both. Be sure to set these correctly as the ROTS sales locations are coming soon. They only need to make one $500 purchase to be listed each year.

On that note I seem to get a call once a week and once three times a day from Denton, TX. If you had or know of anyone who could start a stocking dealership in that area there's an instant success story. My page on my site is already built - just need a name to enter.

Amsoil wont make a spectacle out of this but rejoice as all the oil filters are now MADE in USA. No more Mexico! And I suspect they are made in the Minneapolis Donaldson plant using the best parts from several companies as they did before. Let this be known and keep a cut-away on hand. 


Help Every Day! Facebook Dealer Training Center
dealer training Facebook PageThe purpose of this quick newsletter was to announce my new Facebook AMSOIL page. For this dealer group I appropriately called it, "The Synthetic Warehouse - Amsoil Training Center."

There will be updated daily as long as I'm working in the office.
This is better than any newsletter because I can post customer related remedies as they happen. There are so many topics I would like to post but a newsletter stops your work so the point is often lost. This way it will be there in a long record!

So just copy this link: http://www.facebook.com/AmsoilTrainingCenter
and hit the link button and you're in!

It will be a great place to ask your questions too. Warranty, sales, formats, tech, compatibility, stock, dates, status, events and more. I'll even post customer complaints if it will help prevent another one.

Thanks again for reading! Please forward this information to your down line dealers!!
Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse
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