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Now a solid week behind me since AMSOIL U - the store has been so busy due to checking in the inventory and several new customers finding out about us since we added the new sign.

Customers are saying about the same thing, "I use to order online and never knew I could buy in a store - glad to see you here!" Many of these customers are finding out about the store word of mouth but my city is small enough to know just about everyone drives across here at least 3 times per year.

Important message - Many dealers are forgetting the requirement to transfer commissions to your downlines who buy from your supply!!! This is not negotiable and is strictly enforced. If you are thinking you will lose money when you transfer you are wrong! Commissions you transfer drive recognition, supplement your dealers, increase their sales potential plus you still get part of that until they reach DJ. You're actually slowing the growth of your business by doing so. The deadline is on the 6th of each month.

Back to AMSOIL U:
The reasons never to miss are simple.
#1 you get to see how the new products are tied into the market. Every year you learn more about how AMSOIL is able to be the leader through the technology available.
#2 I like to meet and socialize with all the dealers. The accommodations and food are top notch.
#3 I couldn't afford not to go. Any growing dealer takes advantage of the 10% to 20% off dealer cost for products and supplies. This year my order was $33,000 so I saved $6600. Now that I'm selling a lot of products at or near retail this makes for great profits and commissions.
Speaking of which, as a DJ you do get 25% of the commissions so a case of MCV - $18.06. I sell all cases in the store at 10% off unless they have their discount card fully punched so the total made is $42.56. So your primary job as a dealer is to reach DJ so you can enjoy better income and the incentive packages available.



AMSOIL University Notes

So this newsletter reaches you in a timely manner I'm going to simply list my notes as brief as I can below. I am omitting sales course material as I think you are more interested in product news. The two "expo" events which went on in the AMSOIL Arena were for the observers so difficult to take notes yet stress was placed on the new hydraulic oil (HV - Low Cost Multi-viscosity). Just too much to record..

Other companies do not do comparison oil testing against AMSOIL.

What's new & review:

Reformulated Lines, Amsoil garage, New Products, New distribution methods, railroad, advertising, installer locater, environmental points.


One dealer suggested in slogans "Your loosing money vs. "Save" which is used on products which you may not need.


My goals:

More recognition for achievements, more ROTS follow-up.


How to communicate with Amsoil Corporate. Stress to dealers the communications links in DZ. 


Sales course - story told: Restaurant wait staff excellent for dealer prospects. Excellent Customers. Watch for waiters and waitresses who exemplify customer service. They may not love their job but may be interested in what you have to offer. - Credit card merchant accounts - low and no fees.


Altrum - 31 items. Omega 3 - fills in heart protection & repair. Most critical

Brain power - Opens capillary blood veins in brain repairs blood circulation.


Crop enhancement just by adding .5 gallons per acre in addition to the NOF 3% solution (the least is 3%). Tests show significant enhancements with that addition.

Gallons water X .03 = minimum amount of 4-3-3. Remember sandy soil cut application in half and apply twice. Increase OM per test results.


Read Converting To An Organic Or More Sustainable Cropping System

Aggrand returns the carbon cycle which sparks off mineralization via soil organisms which stabilizes nutrients - stabilizes organic matter.


New 4-3-3 Price went down for the OMRI version.

Organic Trade association Members. Be sure to join. Update all AGgrand literature - All new & more to come.  


Abundance of nitrogen through Ammonia - A nation that destroys its soil destroys its self (Roosevelt quote).


Sales - Book recommendation: "What Great Salespeople Do - The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection and the Power of Story" by Michael Bosworth and Ben Zoldan.


It's not about your products, it's about their problems!

80/20 rule. 20% of your dealers drive 80% of the business. OR 20% of your customers drive 80% of sales.. Today 87/13


Golden Circle - Different thinking Why-how-what. People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek at TED.COM Use the power of story.

Company story
your story

Who you've helped story

The buyers story


Street sweepers buying grease & hydraulic oils - calls for Vickers 1-286-5 ; M2950-5 which ours exceeds. 

Find out cost and problems for snow plows

Pump test - Parker Hannifin absolutely clean

At -40C the Amsoil HV is only the Brookfield viscosity of popular brands!! 

ABOT test - hydraulics varnish - none


30% less expensive than average AW series! Could become top selling Amsoil product in all regions. 

G2985 One Voice now posted! 


Warranty Section & Claims/.  

Listed selection of documents to train dealers and help customers regarding questions - al available in DZ - Make seperate newsletter regarding.  

Whole section on 2-cycle engine failures. 2-cycle engine sales soar once again. No end to 2-cycle oil sales.  

Types of failure:

  •  Dust & Dirt contamination
  • Lack of Oil (2-cycle) 
  • preignition & detonation  - knock
  • heat seizure

Bearing failure types

  • Rolling failure (roller - low heat  = manf failure)
  • antifreeze
  • oil starvation
  • metal fatigue

Failure Modes - Geometry - oil selection
Flat tappet cam lobe oil solution -  

Crank - cracks will create failure regardless of oil.  Bluing will indicate oil was problem.


SDF-121 CanAm 400 testing was done/ Call Tech Services regarding this filter. 


Amsoil does not turn away from problems.

How, why, root cause.

List documents


Amsoil position on OEM warranties:
To give piece of mind to their investment important for us to protect their vehicle.

Read G1363 - What to do!!  


Valid warranty interruptions:

  • Lubricant Failed
  • Using Incorrect Lubricant

Invalid reasons 

  • Using Amsoil
  • Practicing extended service intervals
  • See Magnuson Moss Act

Remember there's a difference between Service denial and warranty denial. Most people use the word warranty incorrectly when they mean to imply service as they cannot deny manuf. warranty but only a service issue w/o a proven cause of the failure. 



Source Sprinter van story - dealership corrects warranty denial. 



New Facebook dealer group forum sponsored by AMSOIL. 


DZ favorites function

Better searches, altrum & aggrand, T1 Certification now online,

Now UPC codes to pricing interface and case/qt columns for inventory software.

Amsoil is looking into using my inventory program over the failed AMSWIN. 

New web banner ads

Banner ad landing page selection

Customer purchase indicators

Product sales ranking by product and customer

3-year earnings chart (expanded.)


Totally new checkout store & mobile correction pages.


AMSOIL U 2012 Course material now in the dealer zone - check your messages!   

My Store & Amsoil U Inventory

Just wanted to show what having the store has allowed - the local sales and some out of state shipments are requiring an average of $7000 monthly in inventory needs so this should cover me for 4 months at least as summer sales increase. I have learned on the bargain buys (20% off) you only need to buy the more popular items to get the best savings. I try to order also to reduce frequent shipping costs.
I made a mistake on SVT 75W110 - I had three cases and due to the Harley transmission demand and my retail accounts, that was gone in two days.

This time I ordered about 10 cases of oil filters. You also get an additional 7% off for a total of 27% off the oil filters. More great potential.

Enjoy these photos.
New Sign


Amsoil U delivery 

Custom Factoid Printouts for your Customers


I made these for the last newsletter but expect a few more on the next - save and print for your customers!!  Each one contains Al's comments on the front and Dan Peterson's tech article on the reverse. Customers will remember you if you give them tips and Al's words show why AMSOIL is made to be the best and not just a typical price competitive product they can buy anywhere.


Document 1: Jan - Fuel Problems & Briggs Factory Fill  

Document 2: Feb - Four Types of Wear & More Profitable  

Document 3: March - Driving Habits/Intervals & Pushing Limits  

Document 4: April - Grease Composition & Installer Market Encouragement 



Reminders and Closing:

Dealer Shipping Rebate Schedule:
1-300 pounds = $0.10/lb
301 - 400 pounds = $0.20/lb
401 - 600 pounds = $0.18/lb
601 - 800 pounds = $0.12/lb
801 - 1600 pounds = $0.08/lb
1601 pounds and up = $0.04/lb
Above 300 pounds consider Freight Collect. $60 to $90 flat rates for full skids anywhere but rural areas.

Retail Accounts - 100%
Commercial Accounts 0%
Use Freight Collect when AMSOIL's shipping is over $90 for better value!!

Remember to subscribe to the Premium Zone and use the Catalog Customer (CR) and Preferred Customer (PC) sales reports to your advantage. Thank them and let them know you are there. See new dealers deep within your downlines and send encouragement!

If you have not visited the "Secrete" dealer area on my site please call or email me for the login so you can absorb some of the 2010 & 2011 Amsoil U presentations. My getting started word document is also in that area.

Thanks for reading and pass along to your dealers and remind me to add your new ones!!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse