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I would like to welcome several new dealers to the group since February.
Steven Tucker, OR.
Joe McAskill, FL.
Bobby Gift, IN.
Sebastian Ertelt, ND. (My friend, but I haven't told him yet AMSOIL reports oil sales in ND are skyrocketing due to the population in the drilling areas. it's really something.)
Josey Baker, TN. (Soon to be Aggrand Expert)
Ernie Cybert, AZ (Ernie is returning and is impressed with his moving inventory in Yuma!)
Kate Leadford, CO. (Was sponsored by AMSOIL with her Sled Racing and upgraded to a dealer. Wants to open and AMSOIL Store!)
Maria Frias, OR. (Already has a history of AMSOIL knowledge. She will become a top dealer!)
Gary Duckworth, WV.
Brian Morris in NC
Don Chambers, NE
Bart Hisel, TX
William Graff, PA
Bobby Vinson, TX
Nic Pistolesi, CT
Shane Nolf, MS
Jonathan Arroyo, FL
Carlos Cruz, FL
Arthur Covil, NC
Anthony Asam, CA
Jared Strother, TX
And Jordan Gelinas, NM!!

Also welcome to any other dealers who may be in your groups who I missed. Isn't that remarkable? Most of the above dealers are in my downline dealer's lists (Non Personal Group) so we should see more dealers reach Direct Jobber soon!

Well last newsletter I announced our new Amsoil retail store here in Sioux Falls. Now that I've been open now for exactly three months the results have been impressive! The growing pains are obvious here but although my daily sales average is about $450 I had a week in March with four $900 days and several over $1200. Keeping inventory has been a minor issue thanks to this "Denver Research" inventory program which I need to stress to AMSOIL corporate that this is something they need to look into for all dealers.

And by the way - wasn't that March AMSOIL Magazine absolutely fabulous??

As of last week I have ordered $34,251 in inventory from AMSOIL and March group commissions for all my dealers (not including DJs) was 80,000 CCs. I may beat that this month. My personal CCs was about 25,000. I beat that only once more than two years ago. Just think what an AMSOIL store would do in a larger city more than 150,000 population? But finding Amsoil locally is RARE. After all my sales are small considering other oils and we (my group) ranked 3rd in group sales for the whole company in February. Granted there are 30 or so dealers who sell more than I do but that is commercial sales. So my business is primarily supporting dealers over large accounts.

After completion of this newsletter I will be upgrading listings on my website for dealers who are doing some exciting things and are eager to grow. Of all places I am quite excited about what Charlie Able is doing in Hawaii. He's likely next to make Direct Jobber and has a system down for inventory and market. I plan to help him be a top lubricants outlet on the big island.

The #1 complaint (I hear) still remains - "How does Amsoil stay in business? I called 6 dealers and no one calls me back and I can't find your products anywhere." In many places the customer is programed to not expect AMSOIL in retail stores so we have our work to do. But I am determined to reverse this the best I can. See below as I am offering local training regarding this problem.
But the responsibility is yours if you are listed on the dealer locator you need to have some sort of Amsoil related ID on your message, an alternative way to reach you, a email or website, and check your voice messages. Word does spread when you respond.



New Products - Boost in sales.

I happen to live in the state deemed highest in motorcycle ownership per capita. Seems about the same in this city where bikes are non-stop on the road. The 10W40 and 20W50 is flying off the shelves. I display gallons and offer 10% off retail on all gallons or cases which is causing more gallon sales as well as back-up oil.
I got my hands on the new octane boost the day it was announced. At just below $5 per bottle I've gone through about 8 cases to date. They keep coming back due to the immediate performance. Get this new Octane and Power boost in your customers hands now. (MOBCNCA). Stick a price on the bottle as people grab items priced under $5.

Last year between my local dealers and myself we moved just over a 6 foot tall pallet of motorcycle oil (I ordered at 20% off from AMSOIL U). That was working from the house. This includes three good retail accounts.. Last week I sold a drum to one of them and I already have moved 30 cases. What is happening is I am selling more quarts and gallons over cases. As I now sell at retail most the time (I also have a discount punch card), I am making more profit selling quarts.
Having the store makes it easier to transition the motorcycle customer over to oil sales for their cars.

The new SAE-50 truck transmission oil is also helping my sales. Just one trucker from Brookings, SD was all I needed. He networks and sends referrals. These referrals have increased the FGR-05 75W90 differential sales. I now keep the 5-gallon pails in stock. A Chicago driver last week cleaned me out and I lost a sale today in fact. Someone called coming up from Omaha to get his oil changed and I had to turn him away. So more inventory.

At AMSOIL U I can see another reason to be there. You can bet they will spend a couple hours on the new heavy duty truck filters. The markets, the pricing and the statistics will be unveiled. For me, this is one of those products where I need to get more on the relation to what is out there now regarding comparison price, quality ranking (Within Fleetguard, P-Series and the more expensive Endurance Series), sales numbers and yearly demand. I think the sales point will be the extended life for little more cost than the OEM type. You have to know your market.

Another new item is an older one but the new packaging. The Diesel Fuel Additive (ADFHGCA). Ranking in my top 10 sales I have converted most of my one 16oz bottle sales to the half gallon. This is one of those products where AMSOIL's sales staff offered extensive training at the regional "Fall Sales Tours" (hint) in Wichita which has been invaluable in marketing this as an add on and return customer sale.
I think the side of the case has more information than the data sheets. I sell a few cases as well and many dealers come in for a case. One overlooked benefit is the neutralization of EGR gasses and soot allowing less wear and for the motor oil to last longer. The diesel fuel additive in the 1/2 gallon treats 320 gallons and at retail saves $3.35 per 16oz bottle it replaces (4).

Training Options

Have you seen the new AMSOIL Manufacturing Center Plant Tour Video?

You have to be logged into the dealer zone to follow this link. I think you'll find this very worth your time!!


I hope you saw that AMSOIL extended the time for the lower price for AMSOIL U. I have one dealer coming all the way from Connecticut this year and splitting costs on the dual suite. Call me if you are on the fence and I'll provide you with some cost saving options. Dealers I have talked to already in Atlanta, Lubbock, TN, Portland, Chandler (AZ), Austin, and Golden CO, I hope I can twist your arm to go!! It will boost your success.  

Welcome to the AMSOIL Center 


In addition to AMSOIL U; Training HERE at My Store! 

I have decided to host my own dealer training right here in my store. All dealers are welcome to come up here for 3 to 5 days at no cost but to observe and work along. In this atmosphere you will walk away with critical product knowledge, customer service and organizational skills to jet you to the top. I can't replace the corporate type training of AMSOIL U and the company quality control and marketing skills you would get in the 2nd year of AMSOIL U but look at this:


  • See how customers react to an AMSOIL store and learn what it takes to open one up in your area.
  • See how the literature is used to add on sales, get your customer to prospect for you and add to the sale.  
  • Product displays and organization
  • Inventory and sales control, ordering and shipping to out of state customers.  
  • Add-ons, bundling and up-sales. 
  • Advertising and Gorilla Marketing 
  •  Bypass Filter Sales
  • Website secrets/ basic templates that work. 
  • Questions and Answers. Plenty of time to cover what you need to know.
  • Aggrand sales  
  •  And many other bits of information which will surface with the diverse number of customers we have.  

I suggest at least three days, 10 hours each at a slow pace to take in all the aspects which you need to go forward with growing your AMSOIL business in your town. I think you will be quite satisfied and surprised with what is going on here. It's really exciting.   

The first thing we will concentrate is the inventory software and point of sale. It's what will make even a basic home business flow nicely.  


If you are interested please give me as much advance notice as you can. There are plenty of nice hotels in this area. Sioux Falls also has direct flights from Cincinnati, DFW, Chicago, Vegas, Denver, Orlando, Phoenix, and Minneapolis.  

My shop is right off of I29. 


In addition the landlord is getting bids for expanding the building so we can have a quick lube of our own and more storage. 


The city approved my vehicle sales permit as I plan to become a Royal Enfield dealer as well as used Triumph and Moto Guzzi sales.  (no more than 12 bikes at a time). Parts, accessories, high quality gloves and boots. It's a niche in SF which no other dealership carries. The goal with that is to create better relationships with the customer and entertain with one or two events yearly..   


I am looking to hire my first employee but before I do that I wanted to put the call out to my dealers should anyone want to check out this place and talk about working or partnering right here. You don't have to like motorcycles to be part of the AMSOIL store but if you do, my desire would be to work with someone interested in investing on that side of things but it's not a requirement. The main issue is help to keep things flowing so one of us can do more sales calls, deliveries and expand the propane sales (yes, I do that too!). The propane refill station I have on site is growing and covering utility costs and drives in new customers daily especially the RV campers across the street and fork lift warehouse business.  


 I think I will have a good number of dealers wanting to train here and I don't expect any one to want to pick up roots to move here. :) But it doesn't hurt to ask. I do have to warn you. Sioux Falls is a beautiful city and the people are friendly. We have more park space than most and it's always on a top 5 list for small business success. See why here.   


For New Dealers - Email me for a copy of my new "Getting Started" 3-page guide which will help as a check list to get launched as a servicing dealer. It leans toward a low stocking business preparing to prospect for commercial and retail account business. Be sure to get a copy for your own new dealers. It's a draft so please modify it as you feel needed.  



Sales idea for your customers:



Buyers Discount Card

Punch for each $20 retail sale. Then you increase volume soaring Direct Jobber commissions and year end bonus while covering your credit card or shipping costs w/ the 4% mark-up. The 30% is the approx retail savings on drums and totes and/or with purchase discounts on larger orders.  


 Just another sales option..
With this card you avoid explaining the $20 Amsoil PC membership - that's best left for out of area customers. One wholesale customer brings in two new customers or will expand purchases for others. Let them take the G100 catalog and use a calculator for approx savings.

 I have everything priced at retail in the store.  


Custom Factoid Printouts for your Customers


I made a couple more of these. Each one contains Al's comments on the front and Dan Peterson's tech article on the reverse. Download, save and print. Read them if you haven't!! Customers will remember you if you give them tips and Al's words show why AMSOIL is made to be the best and not just a typical price competitive product they can buy anywhere.


Document 1: Jan - Fuel Problems & Briggs Factory Fill  

Document 2: Feb - Four Types of Wear & More Profitable  

Document 3: March - Driving Habits/Intervals & Pushing Limits  

Document 4: April - Grease Composition & Installer Market Encouragement 


Amal Amatuzio
Al's son Alan at the AMSOIL U BBQ.


Reminders and Closing:

Dealer Shipping Rebate Schedule:
1-300 pounds = $0.10/lb
301 - 400 pounds = $0.20/lb
401 - 600 pounds = $0.18/lb
601 - 800 pounds = $0.12/lb
801 - 1600 pounds = $0.08/lb
1601 pounds and up = $0.04/lb
Above 300 pounds consider Freight Collect. $60 to $90 flat rates for full skids anywhere but rural areas.

Retail Accounts - 100%
Commercial Accounts 0%
Use Freight Collect when AMSOIL's shipping is over $90 for better value!!

Remember to subscribe to the Premium Zone and use the Catalog Customer (CR) and Preferred Customer (PC) sales reports to your advantage. Thank them and let them know you are there. See new dealers deep within your downlines and send encouragement!

If you have not visited the "Secrete" dealer area on my site please call or email me for the login so you can absorb some of the 2010 & 2011 Amsoil U presentations. My getting started word document is also in that area.

Thanks for reading and pass along to your dealers and remind me to add your new ones!!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse