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Amsoil & Aggrand's Leading Full Time Sales Team -
February 2012 - Vol. 2 Issue 2
Big News!
Save on shipping and order w/o being charged Sales Tax. 
It's very rare an AMSOIL (and AGGRAND) customer will get this opportunity!! As your AMSOIL Direct Jobber (This newsletter is reaching all of our past as well as the newest internet and phone customers who call in direct to the Amsoil order line.

Of all the AMSOIL dealers out there I handle more daily orders and tech calls than anyone. The result is we have moved into a larger retail facility which we now have secured optimum rates with UPS.
Here are a few reasons to call me directly when you make your next order. The savings will allow you to perhaps get in on a better quantity or the next larger container size which has more savings per ounce as well.  
  • No Sales Tax charged on orders
  • Reduced shipping rate when shipping to commercial address
  • Save 15 to 25% over AMSOIL retail prices posted on the website
  • Savings also apply to AGGRAND Natural & Organic Fertilizer line too. 

 Just on a single case of our Signature Series 5W30 you save an average of $39 figuring saved sales tax and retail mark-up. With the savings you could purchase additional air or oil filters and PI injector cleaner.

The above is only possible when you call me direct at 800-579-0580 or 605-274-2580 to save. For reference, here's the link to the main
AMSOIL website.

Synthetic Warehouse Store

Your Account # unique to you only with AMSOIL corporate is:  

Pinnacle of Performance!
Signature Series 0W30
My most frequent single quart sale is for the SAE30 /10W30 Small Engine oil. Designed for severe-service commercial gear where maintenance is difficult or infrequent. Over the years testimonials range from smoother operation to less fuel consumption in stationary engines (Generators and carpet cleaning service vans) Add a bottle to your order and retain like new engine clenlineess and efficiency. For both GAS and Diesel (Non-Turbo Diesel)
for more information or  visit our detailed page on the commercial 10W30/SAE30


When phoned in costs about $6.75 individually or less per quart in case lots.


My Garage Alerter
Want to track your maintenance in all vehicles & yard equipment?  You can now log them all in our My Garage Feature and track and be alerted of maintenance intervals and mileage records. Simple and flexible. Even lists your vehicle, mower, etc.. For an unlimited number of vehicles motorcycles, ATVs, heavy-duty vehicles and more. The system is versatile enough to track any maintenance service imaginable, even if your not using AMSOIL products. Match products and filters by visiting the online look up feature.
Article for Hand Out
Click on this link to see a tech article on Ethanol and fuel additives for diesel and gas engines. Also Amsoil's founder on the new Briggs & Stratton Amsoil partnership.
Industry Best
Legendary Performance!

 AMSOIL's Severe Gear (75W90, 110 or 140 weights)
Regarded by many as our most advanced product. I would pair that statement next to our grease. Significantly drops differential temperatures and wear. Significant in mileage gains. Generally lasts twice as long as the OEM interval while controling wear under the most severe circimstances. Contains limited slip additives. The FGR Long Life version is the lower cost version designed for everything up to severe service. 

Thank you once again for your past or recient AMSOIL or AGGRAND purchase. We are here to help 6 days a week. Or extended hours when you email me at
We're #1 for technical help and experience with all of Amsoil's unique products including the AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer line and the coming OMRI Certified Organic Fertilizer.
Visit our Sites at or

Be sure to check out the AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter Kits. We are #1 with their sales too.

For those interested in becoming a dealer with us, this link will download the latest AMSOIL Magazine for Dealers dated February 2012. We specialize in helping our dealers to be located by customers in their cities and towns. Inquire how we can help you too.

AMSOIL Information Series - Neglected Small-Engine Equipment
AMSOIL Information Series - Neglected Small-Engine Equipment

Thanks again for using AMSOIL!! (And AGGRAND)

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