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It's finally done!! My dream to get my AMSOIL business away from the house into a fully viable & viable retail store. Although always an ongoing process all systems are go and remains plenty of room to grow.
I am in a standalone building on the northwest part of town in a 2300 square foot building.

Here's a photo of the front counter area and below I have provided a link to a page where you can see other shots of the store. Since these photos we have finished out the front service counter with a customer interface PC and literature and a bypass filter parts shelf.
Synthetic Warehouse of Sioux Falls

 This link will take you to a page with more photos. Or copy and paste:

Since I have opened I didn't expect the retail part to take off until all signs were in place as well as some decent advertising but instantly what has happened has been attention from commercial and retail establishments!! The window signage and canopy has done the following:
Head mechanic of Boltes Sanitation stopped by with a good attitude regarding our products - a large well known trash collection fleet.
Several customers referred by ACE hardware and Ideal Yard Tools - Highly visible retailers. Hobart Industrial sent a woman looking for oven grease.
ACE hardware in neighboring town called looking to stock AMSOIL on the shelf.
And a couple small trucking and excavation contractors dropped in by curiosity. They stuck around long enough to ask plenty of questions and look around. Once I get the mailers out and the sign finished this should work out pretty good!! I also have plans to use the additional unused 500 square feet for other retail products but haven't nailed that down just yet..

The next newsletter we will cover how this store will enhance downline dealers' ability to close on numerous commercial accounts then use AMSOIL's group ship to replenish the stock thus giving the dealer their commission and cash bonus.  Also we have secured a UPS shipping account where we can ship near or better than AMSOIL's rates saving many customers the sales tax!


Urgent News Updates - Tips and Tools

First: Location Change for Richmond AGGRAND Training Meeting
If you didn't know about the AGGRAND meetings popping up - why not try to make the VA one in Richmond if you are within driving distance?
There's been some great feedback on the technical detail regarding the use, application and science behind organic fertilizer and the markets available.
The big announcement which I have been asked to keep a lid on it until all the meetings are finished and Amsoil gets to make the official anouncement is that AGGRAND is releasing a 5th product which has already been granted OMRI Organic certification!! The formulia and Manuf process has already been approved - just waiting on the packaged product now. This opens our sales to that 80% of the industry we couldn't break into before including better retail on the shelf presence.
I see the roster of the meetings are increasing as news reaches the next one that this is a "Can't Miss" meeting.

February 8, 2012
6 p.m.-10 p.m.
New Location
Hilton Garden Inn Richmond Airport
441 International Center Drive
Sandston, VA 23150
Then on the 11th at the Richmond, Va. warehouse: Open House February 11.
 The Richmond open house will feature the same casual, low-key format and opportunity to visit with AMSOIL corporate staff, distribution center staff and fellow AMSOIL Dealers. The event will be held from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., with a one-hour presentation from Director of Dealer Sales Rob Stenberg and Eastern Regional Sales Manager Peter Markham at 1:30 p.m. Stenberg and Markham will provide information on a few new products, website upgrades and more.
It's a great chance to talk with AMSOIL staff in a casual, open-house atmosphere. Donuts, rolls, coffee and pop will be available.

Field Sales Tool Updated: Automotive and Work Truck Fleets Field Sales Tool
You can download the new version from this link. Print, read and brainstorm the account possibilities. Muster over the thousands of accounts in the yellow pages. Explains the automotive/work truck fleet market, provides examples of businesses within this market and details challenges fleets encounter. Offers tips on how to prospect and make sales. Covers the AMSOIL products that apply to this market. Provides cost savings examples and helpful questionnaire to aid the sales process.

Dealer Sales Tip of the Week:
This is an absolutely must watch and listen of the series the sales team at AMSOIL produces weekly. Here Rob covers the "sales assassins" we need to keep an eye out for. I'm guilty of these quite numerously.
Dealer Sales Tip of the Week - 01/30/2012
Dealer Sales Tip of the Week - 01/30/2012
Technical Updates - Videos - >
Four new and useful Technical Sales Videos. I'll feature the one I like the most but imagine the effect posting these to your customer newsletters, website, emails and even making your own version. Since my bypass videos which I thought were pretty crummy, called in out of state customers are referencing them. It's all about having that presence.

AMSOIL Information Series - Neglected Small-Engine Equipment
AMSOIL Information Series - Neglected Small-Engine Equipment

Quality Sales Materials

I wanted to showcase my new business card, discount card as well as a possible mailer post card to get attention to our sales location. High quality sales material is key. Think out your designs on paper, have several drafts made then fine tune.. On the 25% off part we will be going with 20% on the fuel additives - a good tool to get people in the door. Once they are in your place you have their attention for the other products.


Latest Business Card - Heavy Stock
My new business cards. 


The common denominator between your business, business cards, retail sales, online listings and even the Amsoil Dealer Locater is your website.


Mail Post Card
Type caption text here.
Post Card Mailer - to 10,000 homes or other target (change design per Fleet owner, new VW TDI owner, etc.)
Buyers Discount Card
Type caption text here
Punch for each $20 retail sale. Then you increase volume soaring Direct Jobber commissions and year end bonus while covering your credit card costs w/ the 4% mark-up. The 30% is the approx retail savings on drums and totes and/or with purchase discounts on larger orders.  


With this card you avoid explaining the $20 Amsoil PC membership - that's best left for out of area customers. One wholesale customer brings in two new customers or will expand purchases for others. Let them take the G100 catalog and use a calculator for approx savings.

 I have everything prices at retail in the store. 

Amsoil Power Foam Intake Cleaner & Engine Degreaser Video
Amsoil Power Foam Intake Cleaner & Engine Degreaser Video
I increased the dealer shipping rebate 200 to 300 pounds from .10 to 15 cents per pound.

Remember to plan for AMSOIL U!! Become one of the few dealers who take advantage to all the direct jobber bonuses and features. Replace your income if you are determined. It starts with the factory visit and technical training in Duluth~!

Thanks for reading and pass along to your dealers and remind me to add your new ones!!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse