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The Synthetic Warehouse - December 15th, 2011
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More Free Local Listings!
Get your AMSOIL business listed on Bing!
Greetings ,
I finally had time to check out the third most popular local listing portal from and am impressed with the procedure.

You want to have your AMSOIL dealership listed on Bing primarily as it seems to be the default search engine on many mobile devices, inner office computer networks as well as many other proprietary ready to go computer sales packages.

Just like Google when you fill out the information they will mail you a postcard with a verification code to verify your physical location, then the listing will appear. Bing offers a vast number of business postings such as mobile devices, maps, product detail, discounts offered, photos of both your office and products and mapping.

To take full advantage you will have to create a Windows Live log in.. Just follow this link.

You can find local listings by doing any search in Bing, then click on the "Local" tab at the top of the page. You will see your competition listed..

It took more time to upload the product photos than anything else so it's a quick and easy process. I'd say this could be quite significant!!


AMSOIL Product Photo Files


One of the staff members at the HQ was kind enough to provide me with this link to all the high definition product file photographs you all can access and download what you need.

This is handy for business cards, signs, flags and website material. Many local print shops can make good quality T-Shirt images now so perhaps something to think about when promoting your own business.

Here's the secrete link:

You can use "Dropbox" for other file transfers too - just create your own account.


AMSOIL Introduces a New Installer Locator Tool


  Reprinted and condenced from AMSOIL's Centerlines Post:
Customers who are visiting the AMSOIL website in December will have the first chance to use a new tool which complements the Dealer Locator service. The AMSOIL Installer Locator will address the needs of the expanding "do-it-for-me" oil change market by listing AMSOIL retail accounts that are classified as installation locations. The "FIND AN AMSOIL DEALER NEAR YOU" link located on the AMSOIL homepage will be replaced with a "FIND AMSOIL PRODUCTS NEAR YOU" link. This will open the location-based services which will default to the standard Dealer Locator.

Prior users will immediately notice that the service has been redesigned with a cleaner interface and several new controls. Users will have the option of clicking on a new "Installers" tab just next to the default "Dealers" tab which will refresh the data to include only locations that install AMSOIL products. Clicking on any of the mapped results will bring up information regarding that location, including address, with additional features including a satellite street-level view and driving directions.

As an added benefit to the Dealers who have installers in the system, users who search under the "Dealers" tab will be able to click on a link provided next to their listing to see all of the installers that Dealer has in the area searched.

To remain eligible for inclusion in the service, retail accounts must be registered with AMSOIL INC. and must have a "brick and mortar" location, with at least a segment of the operation focused on oil installation. Accounts must also meet a minimum purchasing requirement of $500 (U.S.) in the previous six months. (so as long as there has been a minimum purchace total of $500 in product within 6-months you're in!!) The tools needed to administrate the retail installer contact information are available in both the AMSOIL Dealer Zone and Retail Account Zone. Two instructional videos are hosted at the administration screen.

This is the first phase of the improvements to the location-based locator. AMSOIL is aware that there are Dealers who run or own installer locations and are not registered as retail accounts. The next phase of improvements will include the ability for AMSOIL Dealers who also own brick and mortar businesses that install AMSOIL products to be listed on the Installer Locator. This phase is expected to be completed in early 2012. In the meantime, Dealers who install and are T-1 Certified will continue to be listed on the standard Dealer Locator.

Future locator development will also include a Retail Locator for registered AMSOIL Retail Accounts that sell AMSOIL products on the shelf, but do not provide installation services.

Yes - even here in Sioux Falls I'm running into shops where customers have requested AMSOIL. So now I know who to go back to. And by the way - the XL and OE are making that discussion easier. I found out some of these service centers such as ones specializing in European service are paying retail for Mobil 1 or AMSOIL when they need something in a hurry - let them know you are there!
Well that's all for now - wanted to get these updates to you and please pass them to your own dealers.

Also, as of today I was handed the keys to a retail location I'm renting to help increase local sales and inventory. 
 I see this as a move which will also give my local dealers a hub to gain more accounts through the popularity it will cause. I've simply outgrown my home and in winter it's just to difficult to work with customers in my particular situation.
This will sprout all sorts of new testimonials and account findings I look forward to sharing.
One problem that was hindering significant growth was the fact I am known for my inventory and occasionally someone from the Dodge or Subaru dealership would come to pick-up oil for a customer who requested it. Because I am in a residential situation with odd hours and issues with the phones, that seemed to limit going any further with these firms. Now I will appear just as an auto parts store open regular hours.

Another issue was shipping - I want to have a Standard Rate UPS account. You need a brick and motor store to do that and have daily or weekly pick-up set. This will allow me to ship cases of AMSOIL to most the country to end that issue of the sales tax. My shipping rates will be higher but overall the total will be slightly less. This may cause an increase from my out of state calls when word gets out. It's all experimental at this point.

I did warn Orilley Auto Parts when 1/2 their staff wanted to carry AMSOIL and the other 1/2 couldn't decide. I said that I'll just open a store up the street and take all their business!! Let's hope that works.   
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!! Hope you all get some time off to simply relax and do the things you like to do and spending time with the loved ones in your life!!

The Synthetic Warehouse & Liquid Organic Fertilizer
Ches Cain
Amsoil Direct Jobber