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Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse - AMSOIL Direct Jobber
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The big can!
In many parts of the country we need protection from rust. Salted streets cause permanent damage to cars, trucks, garage doors and other equipment used or stored near treated roads or saltwater environments. Great for car underbody, wheel-wells, steel rims and suspension parts. My customers also recommend its use on tools, bike chains, car door hinges and outdoor electrical connections.
Does not leave a tacky film - dries to the touch - a nice waxy penetrating long-lasting protective coating. And it makes a great low cost gift for the handyman.
Protect your equipment from harsh environments with AMSOIL's Heavy Duty Metal Protector. (AMH)


Preferred Customer & Called in Price: $6.05 each or $5.74 in the case
  Retail Price: $7.90
Link to website: http://www.amsoil.com/storefront/amh.aspx


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No Sales Tax
In many States AMSOIL INC. charges Sales Tax due to the states Nexus laws. As your dealer I am willing to pay the sales tax for you on any order of 2-cases of any product or a $140 minimum.
Just call me at 605-361-4075 or 800-579-0580 and I will process your order for you and omit the tax. If you have already placed your qualifying order
for December call me anyway so I can send you a rebate check. That's my way of saying thanks for doing business with us.
Also on Non-Liquid items such as filters, bypass kits and bypass adapter parts I can ship from here (out of state) saving you the sales tax.

We are also opening in December a Retail center and Warehouse which will feature special UPS rates so we will become an independent shipper of AMSOIL products which will feature no sales tax for ALL out of state sales as I am not AMSOIL but an Independent dealer. So look for that announcement soon!
Offer Expires: Never as long as you keep your preferred customer membership.