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I wanted to thank you for taking the time earlier in the year to buy and use AMSOIL (and AGGRAND) products under our direct buy Preferred Customer program.

Many of our Preferred Customers don't know that I am your full time AMSOIL contact here to help you make the best choices and answer your lubrication and product questions. Confused about a diesel oil choice or what makes our fuel additive better? Need all the scope on a bypass kit or correct intervals? Call me before you order. I'm glad to help!

As you know the renewal is $20 yearly but as your AMSOIL dealer I want to remind you of my ongoing offer. If you would like to continue to buy at cost simply call me to place your next order with a minimum of one case of any oil and I will pay the $20 registration for you!! Just call with your name and account number and I'll take care of it for you. Actually, even the smallest order I can process for you at cost via phone ordering but for the membership I'll take care of that when you buy a minimum 1-case of any lubricant or fluid product.

Many preferred customer ask how to buy AMSOIL at even a better price. There are ways but these are on a case by case basis. As one of the top dealers for AMSOIL and a AMSOIL store of our own, I know how to get you the best deals. One way is to become a dealer. Consider upgrading after we renew your membership. That will only cost you $10. Then earn money back on purchases. Should you decide to keep the most popular products in stock, I can help put you on the map so customers will find you.

Call us at 1-800-579-0580
Ches Cain

For reference - your AMSOIL Account number is
Canadian Preferred Customers also included.
December Offer
Amsoil Mechanics Gloves
Amsoil Mechanics Gloves
Any Preferred Customer who renews during the month of December and orders a minimum of $300 in AMSOIL products (oils, filters, fuel additives), call me with your name or order number (or email me at and I'll send you a free pair of the AMSOIL Mechanics Gloves. A $23 value.

About Us
I joined as a Dealer in 1997 after being impressed with AMSOIL in a pair of Chevy Corvairs. Soon after recognizing the lack of AMSOIL products locally I started stocking as well as marketing all across the nation. Since going full time in 2003 I have been among AMSOIL's top 40 dealers in sales and dealer mentor-ship. My business serves hundreds of customers monthly of all sizes as well as over 400 dealers. Whether it's a spray can of MP for your mower or a dozen drums of compressor oil for a manufacturing firm, we deliver! 
The Synthetic Warehouse
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Save Sales Tax
As one of the top stocking dealer in the country you can call me to save on the sales tax AMSOIL charges on non oil products which I keep in stock at my new South Dakota warehouse. Bypass filter kits, filters, oil analysis and more - just call me and I can ship out of state to you saving the sales tax charge on the big ticket items.

Save tax on oil? As of now I can't beat AMSOIL's shipping rate to most places so saving the tax would cost you more on shipping than the tax its self. But what I can do is on orders of three cases or more (gear and motor oil, grease, spray lubricants and/or fuel additives) I would be more than glad to rebate your sales tax. All you have to do is call. I may also rebate on smaller orders so just call to see. It depends if the commissions we earn cover it. I'm a top dealer because I love to work with my customers!!
Offer Expires: Never